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    A First Look at the 2018 Lexus LC in Singapore

    August 17th, 2017

    The 2018 Lexus LC – A Feeling of Possibilities

    The Lexus LC Launch in Singapore
    The Lexus LC Launch in Singapore

    I have to be honest. I’ve never regarded Lexus to be much more than Toyotas in formal wear. I drove an IS300, an old LS 430 and ES 300 and it felt lacking compared to their European counterparts. Something was missing. It was like dating a beautiful girl, someone out of your league. But only to find, she was boring. Unexciting even. But you just want to stare at her, and not much else. The drive was extremely comfortable, but if you were to give it a boot full, there was not much to expect. No surge in acceleration, no stability in the corners.

    Comparably, the previous coupe which Lexus made was the SC 430. And it was ghastly. The design put me to sleep, and the fact that it was a 4.3 litre V8 which put out only 288Bhp, meant it was only aimed at being boring. The ride felt like I was driving a boat in a marina, and the upholstery still had fake wood. But the worst thing was that it still had a built in cassette player. For a car that was built between the years of 2005 to 2010, WHY?!

    Lexus SC 430 (Photo Source:

    It all drew to a conclusion that Lexus was behind time, behind trends and behind boredom.

    However, in 2006 when Lexus Filed to patent an “F” emblem, things started to get interesting. The first F car debuted and it was a 5 litre V10 Lexus IS. Shortly after in 2009, Lexus confirmed the production of the LFA. Till today, still one of the best performing supercars in the market, beating the likes of the Lamborghini Murcielago , Ferrari 599 and Audi R8.


    Lexus LFA (Photo Source: Autocar Magazine)

    A new era was born.

    The F series cars were created to compete with current in-house tuning companies such as Mercedes’ AMG division, BMW’s M cars and Audi’s S/RS models, and boy were they a hit. They looked great as well in my opinion, however, something was still lacking. Was it performance? Was it styling? No. it was the provoked emotion. Lexus have now changed their strategy to suit the customers’ emotions.

    Enter the new Lexus LC.

    Lexus LC
    The 2018 Lexus LC

    Surprisingly, since the release of the LF-LC Concept in 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show, not much has changed from the exterior. During the launch at the pop-up showcase at Wisma Atria last week, it was more of a statement. With their presentation saying “NO” to many assumptions about the old Lexus brand direction and public perception, Lexus is driving the point home; They want to make cars which suit today’s breed of distinguished driving enthusiasts. People who enjoy luxury as much as the passion to drive. And they have done so with the new LC 500 and 500h.

    LEXUS x MARVELLook out for the LEXUS LC in the upcoming 2018 Black Panther movie 


    According to an article published by Art of Gears a couple of days back, the Lexus LC will be making a cameo appearance in the much talked about upcoming 2018 Black Panther movie.

    “LC’s aggressive styling, high performance and agile handling are a perfect fit for the Black Panther’s quick, cat-like reflexes and superhuman feats.”, quipped General Manager for Lexus Marketing (US), Brian Bolain.

    Much has changed over the years since the F department of Lexus started cracking down to work. The cars looked better, they sounded better and they definitely performed better. The question is, where do they go from here? What was it they needed to captivate the emotion of driving as well as the serenity of luxury all at once? The winning formula, a large engine with a stylish coupe body.

    “My biggest challenge is to develop Lexus’ own unique driving emotion so that we can create our own position. From the human input to the vehicle response, all of these have been calibrated to give as much excitement as there is luxury.”
    – Koji Sato, Lexus’ Chief Engineer, in a Q and A that,Chief Engineer for Lexus)

    At first glance, there were a few design similarities to the LFA, but the low slung body did look rather magnificent. With a width of almost 2 meters and a length of almost 5, the Lexus LC is 10 square meters of collar-heating seduction. With angled trim and lights, a mesh grille that looks like Samurai armour and huge 21 inch rims, there is nothing else that I could say. Welcome to the luxury coupe club, Lexus LC. It is about time.

    The interior did not disappoint either. It was a sea of Napa leather and Alcantara. But the best part of all, there was hardly any plastic. The console was LFA inspired, which I felt was going in the right direction. And the steering and paddle shifters just made it feel so right. When I wrapped my fingers around the wheel, it felt like holding performance, and being hugged by riches.

    Inside the Lexus LC
    Inside the Lexus LC

    I remember in a video I saw about the LC, Tadao Mori, Lexus’ Chief Designer for the LC, and Koji Sato collaborated very closely to create the concept. The key words they used were “SEDUCTION” and “TECHNOLOGY”. Tadao Mori explains,” Even though the two words are opposing, Seduction being warm, nice and elegant but Technology was cold, but we put the keywords together and ended up with something very organic. For the interior, we used materials like carbon fibre, steels and layers of leathers. For the exterior, we made very nice details for the lights as well as the body work to create a flow of design which gives a space-age look but elegant feel.”

    Koji Sato, Chief Engineer at Lexus
    Koji Sato, Chief Engineer at Lexus

    Unfortunately, I have yet to drive this car, although the performance figures look promising. Lexus chose to give the LC 500 a 5 litre V8 powerplant which puts out 470bhp at 7,000 Rpm and a maximum torque of 540 Nm at 4,800 Rpm. This translated using a 10 speed gearbox, means it will do 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds. The hybrid does not exactly lag that far behind either, doing the 0-100km/h sprint in only 5 seconds. Having seen their prototypes being tested in renowned race tracks like Laguna Seca and the Streets of Willow Springs Raceway, I can almost promise you, even without ever turning the wheel of this car, that it will handle brilliantly.

    A first look at the all new Lexus LC in Singapore
    A first look at the all new Lexus LC in Singapore

    It has really been a long time since I have really loved any of Lexus’ cars. My previous favourite was an IS300 from 2006, and even then I found it difficult to look at, but a great pleasure to drive. With the LC, to me it is a great triumph for Lexus. A milestone which they should recognise. A new era of high style combined with high performance, speed and seduction.

    The Lexus LC. Tu es arrivé.

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    Inside the Largest Super Car Vending Machine in Southeast Asia

    December 13th, 2016

    Is this Southeast Asia’s largest super car vending machine?

    Singapore could now be home to what has been quipped by the building’s owners as the largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia. The newly built Autobahn Motors (ABM) building has caught the attention and imagination of many car enthusiasts and its neighbours alike, with its automotive super car inventory showcase which prominently illuminates its heartland skyline after dark.

    AIMS by Autobahn Motors is located in sunny Singapore.
    AIMS by Autobahn Motors is located in Singapore. (Source: Gary Hong, ABM)

    Down memory lane with Autobahn Motors, owners of the ABM Building

    Back in the 90’s when my parents brought me to Newton Circus for dinner on the weekends, I would always keenly look out for the collection of cars at Autobahn Motor’s lots along the way.  From 70’s Combi vans, to Rolls Royces from the 50’s and 60’s, and line ups of Ferraris, a diverse range of luxury and exotic cars would always be on display. The truth is, the Autobahn Motors showroom contributed as much as my love for cars as my father did.

    However, now there is a new way they are going to capture the interest of people (if the current generation could just take their eyes off their phone for a second). Autobahn Motor’s new ABM building at No.20 Jalan Kilang is an eye-catching spectacle to behold.

    An Alternative Solution to Parking Efficiency

    Realizing the problem with parking management in Singapore, the owners at Autobahn Motors spent almost 3 years conceptualizing this facility and now, the ABM Building offers a storage capacity of 60 exotic, vintage and super cars, as well as multiple event spaces. Today, Autobahn Motor’s new ABM facility sets the standard in car showroom displays. The ABM building is quipped to perhaps be the largest super car “vending machine”. The tablet controlled automated system is known as AIMS. AIMS stands for Automotive Inventory Management System, and is the brainchild of Gary and Jack Hong, who own Autobahn Motors.

    “AIMs could possibly be the largest super car vending machine.” – quip Gary and Jack Hong, owners of Autobahn Motors

    AIMS is essentially a car inventory, retrieval and display system which is fully controlled by a tablet. Utilizing a unique fish-bone system, retrieval of a car from the very top shelf of ABM’s building takes well under two minutes.

    Inside the AIMS Car Lift
    Inside the largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia – the AIMS car lift

    Inside AIMS by Autobahn Motors

    We recently had the privilege to have been amongst the very first to be invited down to the new ABM showroom by co-owner, Gary Hong.  Here was how our tour unfolded:

    • Arriving at the facility, car buyers would be ushered into a viewing gallery. Inside, lies a cozy AV presentation area, with bay windows on the right and left.
    • Seated on the plush leather couch, you are invited to make your choice of car to view.
    • With the selection made, the lights in the gallery come to a dim, and an official promotional video of the car is played.
    • As the video ends, programmed studio lights are cast onto the car retrieved. Your selection presented as a large turn table disc plate rotates it toward you.
    The largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia can park up to 60 super cars
    AIMS is capable of parking up to 60 super cars

    Author’s Afterword

    Pretty damn nifty in my opinion. The novelty will definitely take quite some time to wear off on me.

    The level of interest which the owners of Autobahn Motors took to bring this to life is truly commendable. From brainstorming, system designs, to system trials, the man hours put into this project is testament to Autobahn Motor’s passion for cars and what the industry means to them. As an avid car lover and owner myself, I strongly relate to that.

    From all of us at COVERED ASIA, thank you Autobahn Motors for giving us something great to admire, as well as piloting the idea of an efficient automated parking system of the future.

    Video Credits: COM3 Singapore x BILLY YUEN CINEMATICS

    Produced Exclusively for COVERED Asia.

    DISCLAIMER: The video in this article is produced by COM3 x Billy Yuen Cinematics, exclusively for COVERED ASIA Pte Ltd. All footage in this video is wholly owned by COVERED ASIA, and must not be reproduced, or repurposed for commercial purposes without prior written consent by COVERED ASIA.

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    Lamborghini Huracán Spyder – The first custom of its kind in Singapore

    September 28th, 2016

    Keys to the Kingdom – A look at a the first custom Lamborghini Huracán Spyder of its kind on the roads Singapore.

    The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder
    The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder

    Collecting your brand new car is always a happy affair. For the most part, you reflect on your new wheels with a sense of accomplishment. You indulge in the thought of taking it on happy journeys,  and you relish in the thought that the car you just bought will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Generally, these thoughts are just about what goes through the minds of most new car owners.

    Customised Lamborghini Huracán Spyder
    This customized Lamborghini Huracán Spyder was sold with an Open-Category COE for SGD $1.3M

    For Paul Gabriel however, there is one stark difference though, and that is that the car he just collected the keys to just a few days ago, is a brand new Lamborghini. To be more specific, he is now the proud owner of a one of a kind Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder that comes with a custom selected paint job – an option which costs an extra SGD $30,000, and also a special rim colour selection, painted brake calipers, sports steering and function package, and a glass engine bay cover. With all of these added in, these custom and personalized options make this set of wheels truly a one of its kind to roll out on Singapore’s roads.

    This Lamborghini Hurcán comes with a $30,000 custom select paint job.
    This Lamborghini Huracán Spyder comes with a $30,000 custom select paint job

    “This car is the fiercest looking thing compared to most supercars out there today. Lamborghini has always made their cars to have a certain presence to impress, but not intimidate.”

    The above was an elated Paul Gabriel’s response, when asked by COVERED Asia’s Motoring Editor, Malcolm Yeo on why he chose the Huracán Spyder over a Ferrari 488 or a Mclaren 650S.

    A long time fan of the Italian supercar maker, this is Paul’s second Lamborghini purchase in Singapore. Paul Gabriel also previously owned a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4.

    Paul goes on to share how he loves Lamborghini’s ability to make a great V10 engine sound so absolutely monstrous.

    “It is a very happy day for me. I have been waiting so long and it is finally here. I will now get to hear this engine anytime I want.”

    2016 has been a big year for Paul Gabriel, who launched his bikini line; PGM Fashion earlier this year. With a focus on marrying well-threaded handmade bikini sets, and customer-reward programs that include decadent by-invite-only parties and even short-stay travel getaways, the PGM Fashion collection has already been shown on an international stage, most recently at the Fashion’s Finest SS ’17 show during London Fashion Week held earlier this month.

    Paul Gabriel is the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Huracán Spyder in Singapore.
    Paul Gabriel is the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Huracán Spyder in Singapore.

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    #unCOVERED – A Moment with Formula One Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer

    September 22nd, 2016

    Face to face with Jolyon Palmer at the “Race Against Time in Singapore” event with BELL & ROSS

    In town last week for the Singapore leg of the 2016 Formula One season was Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer. COVERED Asia’s Managing Editor, Nick T. caught up with Jolyon for an exclusive face to face interview during the “Race Against Time in Singapore” event with BELL & ROSS.

    In his father’s footsteps – Renault F1 Driver, Jolyon Palmer

    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer
    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer

    Succeeding a legacy left behind by Palmer Senior, current Formula One Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer joins Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button as the third British driver on the Formula One grid this season.

    The son of former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, who is best known as the Chief Officer and Founder of Motorsport Vision which owns UK motoring venues such as  the Brands Hatch circuit, Jolyon Plamer is a former GP2 champion who currently drives alongside Renault Sport team mate Kevin Magnussen this season.

    In Conversation with Jolyon Palmer

    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer.
    Jolyon Palmer Formula One practice session with Renault Sport.

    Nick: Welcome to Singapore, is this your first time in Singapore?

    Jolyon:No, this is my fourth time now, but I still enjoy it.

    Nick: This is your first Formula One race in Singapore, correct?

    Jolyon:Yup, first time racing Formula One, but I have raced here before in the GP2 in last 2 years though.

    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer wearing the Bell & Ross BR-X1 RS16
    F1 Renault Driver (pictured right), Jolyon Palmer wears the Bell & Ross BR-X1 RS16

    Nick:How do you feel about the night race here in Singapore, and what do you feel it has it done for the Formula One in general?

    Jolyon:I think it’s good. I think it’s a real glamour event in the calendar. Racing at night, everything looks spectacular. For us drivers, we really enjoy it. You get a real sense of speed when you can see nothing in front of you apart from the track lit up in front of you. So yes, I think it’s a real “one-off” weekend for us. Singapore as well, it’s a great city to be racing in; to be racing with the added glamour of a night race, and with city’s entertainment that surrounds us, it is good fun.

    Nick:We know you love the team you are racing for, but we have to ask, in terms of the competition this year, who do you feel is the one to watch out for this weekend?

    Jolyon:I think for us, we have been struggling a lot this year, and we hope to improve in the future. But I think the people to watch this weekend would be between Mercedes and Redbull for the win. I think Redbull has a good chance this weekend.

    The Bell & Ross BRX1 RS16 Timepiece (Limited to 20 pieces for the Tourbillon, and 250 for the non-tourbillon)
    The Bell & Ross BRX1 RS16 Timepiece (Limited to 20 pieces for the Tourbillon, and 250 for the non-tourbillon)

    Nick:Ok, let’s talk about the other fringe activities happening around town. As you may already know, the Formula One weekend in Singapore is well-known for its nightlife and after-race parties – Have you been to any fringe parties?

    Jolyon:I have been to Amber Lounge before, and it’s always good fun. We get to let our hair down a little bit after the race on Sunday night. It’s good, and I just enjoy how Singapore has a lot of entertainment around, a lot of nightlife and a lot of places to go. There’s a lot of places to go. So that’s the good thing about racing on a street circuit, there’s everything already all around you. It’s good fun as I said, I’ve been here 4 years and usually I try to have some fun on the Sunday night.

    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer
    F1 Renault Driver, Jolyon Palmer was in Singapore to attend an event by Bell & Ross

    Nick:A little more serious now – let’s talk about the Marina Bay Circuit – we are aware that the course is a little bit narrower, and a little bit risky with all the sharp turns. How do you prepare for that?

    Jolyon:We don’t do anything special. The thing is for us, we have to be careful as the barriers are close. If you push too hard too soon, than you can crash. It is as simple as that really, but then of course when it comes to qualifying for the race, we just have to push everything. You have to take the risks.

    Nick:And how has the weather been treating you?

    Jolyon:The weather is, always very hot. It is a physical race this one. Especially since the race is long; nearly 2 hours every time. It is bumpy here, and it is very hot in the car. It is hard work with a lot of corners, and you never really get a chance to rest. It’s physical you know, but we all do train all year for it.

    The Renaul F1 Car with Jolyon Palmer
    The Renault F1 Car with Jolyon Palmer

    Nick: Any wise words of encouragement for aspiring drivers in Singapore, Malaysia, or beyond?

    Jolyon:Yes, I think Formula One is at a great place at the moment, and also motorsport is moving more into this sort of market as well. We had Rio Haryanto from Indonesia that was racing at the start of this year, so who knows the way that motorsport is going? It is indeed now more accessible to the Asian market that we know today. I mean, there are also a lot of great tracks here, and I think young aspiring drivers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia should get down (to the tracks) and have a go.

    Look out for Jolyon Palmer who is now in preparation as he sets his sights on the upcoming F1 Sepang Race in Malaysia next weekend.

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    F1 Round 15 – Gearing up for the Singapore Grand Prix

    September 15th, 2016

    An insight look at the course, the drivers and current race standings ahead of the “Night Race” weekend.

    The Singapore Grand Prix “Night Race” returns to the Marina Bay Circuit this weekend. Ahead of 2016 Driver’s Championship Round 15 race, COVERED Asia’s Motoring Editor, Malcolm Yeo sheds some light on what you need to know about the race course, drivers, and their current race standings. Let’s get ready for the world’s most exciting night race!

    The Marina Bay Circuit (Photo Credit:

    I have always loved the Singapore Grand Prix because the city comes to life more than any other day. Marina Bay Sands gets lit up with lasers, track lights get tested a week in advance so driving on portions of the circuit feel more special, parties happen through the city centre, pubs and restaurants get into the action with offers and get creative with new dishes etc etc… and of course the race.

    Utilizing the great city-scape which Singapore has, as well as notable landmarks such as the Singapore Flyer, the Padang and the old Supreme courts as a back drop, in my opinion, it is on par in terms of looks to the Monaco track. Being a night race, it is also iconic as it is the only night race in the history of all Formula 1 circuits.

    The Marina Bay Circuit track layout was designed by auto racer and circuit designer, Hermann Tilke, who also designed many of today’s Formula 1 circuits, namely the Sepang International Circuit, Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit, Bahrain International Circuit and Circuit of the Americas. Even though it is not the fastest of all tracks in the Formula 1 calendar, it is one of the most challenging. With cockpit temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius, 23 corners, most of them being sharp corners and walls which are less than an inch away from the tyres at some sections, it is described by most drivers as an extremely challenging circuit for both the mind and body.

    The Race

    The great thing about the Singapore GP is that it is the 15th race out of 21 races this year. Tensions between teams and drivers have been built up, teams have made changes to their cars after mid-season testing, new regulations have been made to the cars and controversial topics have been brought up throughout the past races. All this makes for a more exciting race. As it stands, here are the top 5 of the Drivers’ Championships:

    Current standings as of 14th September 2016
    Current standings as of 14th September 2016 (Photo Credit:

    Hamilton, who won 6 races this season, leads his teammate Nico Rosberg who has surprisingly won 7 races so far, by only 2 points. Daniel Ricciardo splits the Mercedes and Ferrari teams with 77points behind Rosberg. Vettel and Raikkonen have quite a mountain to climb being left behind by Hamilton by more than a hundred points.

    As it is, the season is dominated by Mercedes who have won 13 races and with Max Verstappen winning the Spanish GP for Red Bull Racing. Ferrari are close behind Red Bull Racing with 279 points in the Constructors’ Championships, Red Bull Racing are at 290 but Mercedes are almost untouchable at 498 points.

    Come race weekend, Ferrari and many supporters are looking to Sebastian Vettel to try and secure a win at the Singapore GP and securing some well needed points to get ahead of Red Bull Racing. Being one of the few drivers who declared that he loves this track, Vettel has won here more times than any other driver since the circuit first opened in 2008.

    Vettel's Win in 2015 (
    Vettel’s Win in 2015 (Photo Credit:

    Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are surely going to go head to head after being at each other’s necks all season and both of them would want to redeem their less than desired performance last year where Nico came in fourth and Lewis had to retire the car after achieving pole position in qualifying, but having gearbox trouble on race day. This year however, Mercedes have been quite solid through most of the season and probably would see that at least one of the cars could have a podium finish.

    Red Bull Racing might have something up their sleeves as well. At the age of 18, Max Verstappen has been creating waves this season with his aggressive driving style, brash attitude and podium finishes. He currently holds the record for youngest person to ever win a Formula 1 race, beating previous record holder Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen has not yet dialled in the consistency, but after tasting victory in Spain, he is sure to want more. Daniel Ricciardo however, has been consistent in his podium finishes this season and even without a win this season, he has already surpassed both drivers on the Ferrari team. Having raced in Singapore 3 times, he is more experienced on this circuit than his teammate and might just have what it takes to actually win the race as well.

    The Safety Car, a regular occurance in the Singapore GP (
    The Safety Car, a regular occurance in the Singapore GP (Photo Credit:

    All in all, the Singapore GP is always full of surprises. Every year without fail, a safety car is deployed at least once and speaking of which, just last year, the safety car was deployed because of 27 year-old Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia, who decided to take a stroll before turn 13. Red Bull Racing’s team principle Christian Horner says, “It looked as though he had come straight out of a nightclub. It shouldn’t be possible to get onto the track. I am sure the FIA will be having a good look to see how the crowd can be prevented from ending up on the circuit. It is not only dangerous for him but very much so for the drivers.”

    Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia taking a walk, a not so regular occurrence (
    Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia taking a walk, a not so regular occurrence (

    2016 Season Review

    With Mercedes almost perfecting their engines after supplying other teams with their engines and getting much feedback, it is quite clear that they have done their testing and research well with the support of other teams. Ferrari on the other hand, might want to catch up in the remaining 7 races if they want to obtain even a Drivers Championship let alone the Constructors Championship.

    Among other changes being made, Felipe Massa unfortunately has announced his retirement from Formula 1 at the end of the 2016 season. “Why I chose to announce my Formula 1 retirement at Monza is not an accident,” says Massa, who adds, “Ten years ago in Monza, a driver announced he was leaving too – and he is one more than any other that had an influence on my career: Michael Schumacher.” The peak of his career was in 2008 when he lost the Drivers’ Championship by one point to Lewis Hamilton – the blame placed solely on the unfortunate pit lane accident which took the 2015 Singapore GP which cost him the race, and his championship win.

    Another driver which would be leaving is Jenson Button. Not for good, but just for a year. The 36 year-old was quoted saying, “I’ve lived and breathed F1 since I was 19 years old, and I’m 36 now. You go to grands prix on the weekend and everything else is either recovery or preparation for a grand prix.” Fortunately, he mentioned that he will be training and doing simulation work with the Mclaren team as well as attending races in the 2017 season. “I’ll get up when I want, I’ll do what I want, for a lot of the days of the year. I’ll spend more time with my friends, and more importantly my family, who I haven’t properly seen for 17 years!

    Another piece of news to look out for is that the majority share of Formula 1 might be sold off to American Media giant Liberty Media run by multi-billionaire media mogul John Malone. Speculation also suggested that there are other buyers who have placed a bid for the majority share of 35% which is why the sale has not been finalized. What this means is that beloved Bernie Ecclestone, who has been the face of Formula 1, might be out of a jobin the near future. His tried and tested methods of selling broadcasting rights and finding investors may work for the next few years or so, but with him refusing to give in to the internet era, it might cause more problems for the future of Formula 1. However, the BBC was quoted saying, “The smart money in F1 says Liberty will not divest themselves of the 85-year-old’s influence immediately and that Ecclestone will stay on for a while, even if it is only to allow some form of transition. Meanwhile, his remarks to The Times that he will “say adios” if he does not like the “noises” coming from the new bosses are a reminder that he likes to be in control. It is the very essence of the way he has run the sport all these years. But whether Ecclestone is kept on in the interim or not, his time at the top of the sport must surely be running out – if only because of the inevitability of time passing.


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    MANHUNT 2016 – Finalist Round-Up (Part 5)

    August 26th, 2016

    Counting down to the MANHUNT Singapore 2016 Grand Finals

    The Grand Finals of MANHUNT Singapore 2016 will take place at 7:30pm on the 27th of August 2016 at the One Farrer Hotel. Tickets to the Grand Finals are available for sale at .

    Readers can follow the finalists on social media and get the latest profiles, news and videos on MANHUNT Singapore’s official Facebook Page here.

    Join us at the finals – COVERED Asia is giving away exclusive tickets to the MANHUNT Singapore Grand Finals! WIN in these 2 easy steps:

    STEP 1: “Like” the COVERED Asia and MANHUNT Singapore Facebook pages, E

    STEP 2: Email your Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Contact Number to .

    Winners will be contacted via email by 26th August 2016. And now, …here is Part 5 of your Top 30 Finalists…

    MANHUNT 2016 Contestants – Finalist Round-Up (Part 5)

    #S5 – Benjamin Gay

    Benjamin Gay
    Benjamin Gay, 42

     Who isBenjamin Gay?

    The 42 year old Monash University graduate spends his free time on an array of sports which include swimming, golf, cycling and fishing. He also loves to travel to exotic locations to enjoy the beaches and resorts.  Currently self-employed, his company provides Info Communications Solutions to SMEs.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    ben gay 2
    Ben Gay is an entrepreneur, and has an infocom solutions company

    Being a man who believes strongly in staying positive, having enough rest and staying strong to keep up with the challenges in life, Benjamin decided to join MANHUNT Singapore to meet like-minded individuals seeking a breakthrough in life. He hopes his sheer determination will bring out the best in him and see him through this event of a lifetime.

    #S6 – Samuel Wong

    Samuel Wong
    Samuel Wong, 31

     Who isSamuel Wong?

    The goal-driven 31 year old was taught at a very young age to earn his keep instead of relying on others. This took him far in life when he took on the role of sole bread winner when he signed on to the military and supported his parents while they rested in their golden years.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    sam wong 2
    Sam Wong aspires to one day be a successful restaurateur

    Having set his on goal of owning a cafe, restaurant, bar, club and hotel, Sam feels that this goal is hard to reach but however, his passion keeps him going.

    Since an early age till now, he still has self-esteem issues about his image but he always finds time to work out and feel better. He is a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” saying.

    His motto at work is“If I can help, I will do my best to help within my means.”

    #S7 – Zacky

    Zacky, 39

    Who isZacky?

    A self-declared foodie, Zacky often travels to remote areas to find good food. A lover of desserts, he says his favourite thing to do is sit in front of the television with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

    Having had that love of food since young, he admits he was the chubby kid who got picked on a lot. But that took a turn for the better when he picked up heavy lifting and body building later on in his teens.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    zacky 2
    Zacky is a huge foodie at heart

    As he got older, he felt that he was getting complacent as when he was out shopping one day, he could not fit into a particular pair of skinny jeans which he really liked. This struck a chord in him to find a balance of eating and working out. He works towards to feel good on the inside as well as look good outside.

    #S8 – Kevin Teo

    Kevin Teo
    Kevin Teo, 39

    Who isKevin Teo?

    The multi-lingual 39 year old is a well-traveled and well educated man. Having finished his doctoral degree in English Literature and Performance studies from a University in Canada, he went on to work abroad till the academic job market abroad changed and he once again found himself back in Singapore. However, that did not stop him. Now an officially certified personal trainer, he wants to further advance his career opportunities in the fitness industry by taking on training in the areas of nutrition and professional sports coaching.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Kevin Teo 2
    Kevin is a Polyglot; writes and speaks fluently in multiple languages.

    Having lived abroad for many years, opportunities came by quite frequently for Kevin. He competed in bodybuilding and fitness modelling in Canada, and learnt languages such as French, Korean and a bit of Japanese. He still engages in his introverted, artistic pursuits loves writing and graphic illustration.

    #S9 – Stanley Nam

    Stankey Nam
    Stanley Nam, 36

    Who isStanley Nam?

    From an early age Stanley grew up with his single mother. Through his childhood, he learnt about hardships and how life was full of challenges which sometimes makes his future look bleak.

    Graduating with a double major with Honours in Business Studies and Human Resource Management from the University of Portsmouth, Stanley is currently an Associate Director, Marketing and Communications in a global market research company.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Stanley Nam
    Stanley Nam is a Associate Director at a global market research company

    His mother instilled him with the need to have integrity, ethics and values and also inspired young Stanley to be what he is today; the compassionate activist who resiliently go through all of life’s challenges and offers a helping hand to others.

    Stanley regularly donates and volunteers at numerous charities in Singapore. He is also an advocate for animal rights and carious causes to benefit children, the elderly and women in need. He also helps to raise awareness about living well with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases on social media.

    #S10 – Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar, 31

    Who is Deepak Kumar?

    At a young age, Deepak realised that his life is in his hands and that he has to build his own future. Being an above average student, he made good of his academic career and is currently a Business Analyst for an Insurance firm.

    Being a big fan of WWE (World Wresting Entertainment), Deepak admires the athletes for their muscles and strength and that drew him to body building. Working out during his school days, he made most of the gym equipment himself out of tied bricks, iron bars and concrete. Having no personal training, he taught himself by reading about human anatomy and any fitness article he comes across.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Deepak is a self-learned fitness enthusiast

    When he first competed in Hometeam NS and Singapore Fitness Model Search in 2014, he placed 2nd and 1st respectively. He then decided to challenge himself further and competed on an international level in Australia the following year and got 2nd placing in both the physique and fitness model categories.

    Deepak wishes to continue and challenge himself with bigger and better platforms. To him fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

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    MANHUNT 2016 – Finalist Round-Up (Part 4)

    August 22nd, 2016

    Counting down to the MANHUNT Singapore 2016 Grand Finals

    The Grand Finals of MANHUNT Singapore 2016 will take place at 7:30pm on the 27th of August 2016 at the One Farrer Hotel. Tickets to the Grand Finals are available for sale at .

    Readers can follow the finalists on social media and get the latest profiles, news and videos on MANHUNT Singapore’s official Facebook Page here.

    Join us at the finals – COVERED Asia is giving away exclusive tickets to the MANHUNT Singapore Grand Finals! WIN in these 2 easy steps:

    STEP 1: “Like” the COVERED Asia and MANHUNT Singapore Facebook pages, E

    STEP 2: Email your Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Contact Number to .

    Winners will be contacted via email by 24th August 2016. And now, …here is Part 4 of your Top 30 Finalists…

    MANHUNT 2016 Contestants – Finalist Round-Up (Part 4)

    #16 – Hiezam Luthfi

    Hiezam Luthfi
    Hiezam Luthfi, 22

    Who is Hiezam Luthfi?

    Hiezam spent his early years growing up in Australia and New Zealand, during which he took up an interest in sport and exercise. Currently working in the fitness line, he dreams of spreading positivity across the world, starting with supporting his family in health and wealth.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Hiezam Luthfi, is a health and fitness entrepreneur
    Hiezam Luthfi is a health and fitness entrepreneur

    During his national service, Hiezam picked up an interest in Callisthenic and CrossFit training. Shortly after finishing, he joined a fitness company but unfortunately, he soon found himself unemployed. After spending a few months living with his friends, Hiezam took action and control of his life. He currently runs a business that focuses on health and fitness and has a stable job in the fitness industry.

    “For things to change, we have to change. For things to get better, we have to get better.” – is Hiezam’s favourite quote by Jim Rohn.

    #17 – Terence Quay

    Terance Quay, 25
    Terance Quay, 25

    Who is Terance Quay?

    The 25 year old NUS student enjoys doing real estate sales as he sees it as an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. He feels that handling and managing his client’s requests and expectations boosts his personal and communication skills.

    Terance Quay dreams of becoming a part of the entertainment industry one day.
    Terance Quay dreams of becoming a part of the entertainment industry one day

    What he’s most thankful for?

    In his youth, he did not excel in sports or studies which contributed to his low self-confidence. Once he started polytechnic, it was a whole different ballgame for Terance. It took him a while to settle in but once he settled down with his new friends, he gained his confidence.

    After serving his national service in the Naval Diving Unit, Terance started work in the real estate industry where he now uses the people and communication skills he had built up over the past few years. He hopes to one day pursue his interests in working within the entertainment industry.

    #18 –Andrew Lau

    Andrew Lau
    Andrew Lau, 28

    Who is Andrew Lau?

    Currently setting up his own apparel business, Andrew started his journey of self-improvement since the age of 16. In his adolescent years on polytechnic, he found that his job as a salesman contributed to his love of communicating with people.

    Andrew Lau
    When he is not working on his new apparel business, Andrew Lau spends most of his free time in the gym, and on the basketball courts.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Having started lifting in his teens, Andrew found himself getting injured quite a lot because he was not built very well for the sport. But after every failure, he came back stronger. Using his experience as examples, he encouraged his clients who he trains to overcome their doubts and better themselves. During his time in national service, he served as a policeman and it helped pick up skills on on-scene situation management which translated to him becoming more spontaneous as he faces more challenges.

    #19 –Glenn Sim

    Glenn Sim, 25
    Glenn Sim, 25

    Who is Glenn Sim?

    The 25 year old Oxford graduate has big plans for his future. Currently working as an Urban Planner for the Singapore government, Glenn plans to change the world once he finishes serving his bond. An advocate for climate change and the war on poverty, Glenn wishes to be given the opportunity to join the WTO and UN so he can better himself as much as he wants to do so for the whole world.

    Glenn Sim is an Oxford Graduate, and is passionate about stopping climate change.
    Glenn Sim is an Oxford Graduate, and is passionate about stopping climate change.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    Having spent his time overseas, it allowed him to open his eyes to the problems that happen not just in Singapore. While seeing that climate change is a real problem that is currently affecting the globe, he worries that the human race lacks the technology or financial security to kerb its affects. He wishes to do as much as he can once he is in a position to.

    #20 –Joshua Cho

    Joshua Cho, 26
    Joshua Cho, 26

    Who is Joshua Cho?

    Having been tormented by bullies in his childhood, Joshua decided one day that enough was enough. Hitting the gyms and pushing himself a little more each time, Joshua also added direction and focus to his character traits when he signed on with the Singapore Army.

    A former full-time NS service man, Joshua Cho is presently a Personal Trainer with True Fitneess
    A former full-time NS service man, Joshua Cho is presently a Personal Trainer with True Fitness

    What he’s most thankful for?

    While serving in the Army, Joshua had the chance to be taken to faraway lands for bilateral exercises. He joined a private company after his term in the army and was providing services for merchant ships crossing the Indian Ocean to destinations in the Middle East. From his experiences, he realized that slogging his life away to make a better living to afford luxuries was not something he wants to do and came back to Singapore to make a living which makes a differences to others.

    Currently a personal trainer with True Fitness, he feels satisfied when he helps his clients reach their goals and adds on to his determination to motivate more people to make positive changes in their lives.

    #S4 –Caleb Wong

    #S4 - Caleb Wong
    Who is
     Caleb Wong?

    Having picked up music very early in life, Caleb was lucky to find his true calling in life. Having gained experience doing vocal coaching, singing in solo and band acts, arranging and producing music, composing, playing the piano and sound engineering, he is one of the most gifted people in the music industry in Singapore.

    Caleb Wong, 35
    Caleb Wong, is a certified vocal coach, singer, music producer, composer, sound engineer and pianist.

    What he’s most thankful for?

    This 35 year old musically gifted individual has had so many opportunities to meet locally and internationally loved artistes. His proudest moment which he recalls was playing keyboards for Singapore veteran singer Pan Xiu Qiong’s solo concert at the official opening of the Esplanade.

    Caleb finds absolute joy in being a vocal coach. The art of singing is something he feels everyone should experience. Caleb even set aside a lucrative opportunity as a property agent to pursue what he feels is his true purpose in life.

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    The MICHELIN GUIDE: From Tyres to Food

    August 8th, 2016

    How this tyre company knows good food.

    [Sa-tyre] : With a handful of local hawker heroes now officially recognised internationally as the Michelin Guide award recipients, the team at COVERED Asia “drives” into what gives this world renown tyre company the right to be the leading authority on fine dining.


    What is the MICHELIN GUIDE?

    The MICHELIN GUIDE, is an annually published Guide which features dining establishments, hotels and tourist sites. But how did a tyre company come about giving food and hotel reviews you ask? Well, let us take a trip back in time to the turn of the 20th century.


    In the summer of 1889, Ándre and Édouard MICHELIN founded a company making tyres in Clermont-Ferrand, France. At that point in time, there were only around 2,200 cars in France and proper road networks were not yet established. The problem, which was realized further down the road, was that as their tyres got better, their sales figures stagnated. Mainly because replacements were not needed as often and the distance people travelled also remained constant.

    In 1900, the MICHELIN GUIDE was then created to help boost sales of MICHELIN’s tyres and cars by informing road users about useful travel information. The first batch of 35,000 copies was given away free to the public and it had useful information such as maps, instructions on how to change a tyre, a list of car mechanics, hotels, pharmacies and petrol stations.

    MICHELIN GUIDE 1900 (1st edition)
    MICHELIN GUIDE 1900 1st Edition (Source:

    In the following years, the Guide was introduced to other parts of Europe. Publication was suspended shortly during World War 1 and 2.

    Trivia – In 1944, The Allied Forces requested that they reprinted the 1939 Edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE for France specially for military use because its maps were judged the best and most up-to-date available to the invading armies.

    In 1926, the Guide began giving stars to award certain establishments on their performance and later in 1931, the hierarchy of zero, one, two and three stars was introduced but it was not until 1936 which the criteria for the starred rankings was published:

    * “A very good restaurant in its category” (Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie)
    ** “Excellent cooking, worth a detour” (Table excellent, mérite un détour)
    *** “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey” (Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage)

    When the colour of the Guide covers changed from blue to red in 1931, so did its contents. The Guide started listing more restaurants than other establishments and soon, the MICHELIN GUIDE was concentrating more on restaurants by creating a team of anonymous reviewers to rate establishments which they feel was worth patronising.

    The Inspector

    The reason why the MICHELIN GUIDE is so revered is because of the reviewers, who are referred to by MICHELIN as “inspectors”. They are usually chefs themselves, they all have extensive backgrounds in the culinary arts and they all have to pass official MICHELIN GUIDE training in France. Unlike many food critics, they do not take notes while eating, and will often visit a restaurant multiple times unaccompanied before reaching a conclusion.

    In order not to contaminate their influences, MICHELIN goes through great lengths to keep their reviewers anonymous. In 2009, a post by As cited by The New Yorkersaid, “Many of the company’s top executives have never met an inspector; inspectors themselves are advised not to disclose their line of work, even to their parents (who might be tempted to boast about it); and, in all the years that it has been putting out the Guide, MICHELIN has refused to allow its inspectors to speak to journalists. The inspectors write reports that are distilled, in annual “stars meetings” at the Guide’s various national offices, into the ranking of three stars, two stars, or one star—or no stars.”

    Singapore’s MICHELIN Stars

    Being the hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore has seen many people of many countries. Our racially diverse heritage encourages people from all walks of life to immerse themselves in culinary experience which they might not experience in their own country. Singapore is also offers a large variety of food offerings and houses many locally renowned chefs as well as celebrity chefs from around the world. The MICHELIN GUIDE understands this and it was announced that in the second half of 2016, a printed and digital edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE Singapore will be made available.

    Developed and operated by Robert Parker Wine Advocate ( a global publishing company), and with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore’s MICHELIN GUIDE will have a web portal which will feature the best of the local food offerings by publishing it on their print and digital Guide book which will be solely, independently and anonymously produced by the MICHELIN GUIDE’s restaurant dining inspectors. They will also hold a series of culinary events which showcase local establishments and foreign chefs who have been rated by the Guide and an editorial section which will be updated daily with informative and interactive content that supports the MICHELIN GUIDE Singapore.


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    MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 AMG 2010 – The Beast Within

    July 13th, 2016

    Icons – MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 AMG 2010 – The Beast Within.

    MERCEDES 2010 SL63 AMG

    Since the 50s, the SL model range has catered to quite a particular demographic: the successful, suave and sensible individual with meetings to attend and a lifestyle fit for a king. However, when AMG steps in with 6.2 litres of naturally aspirated hatred for mediocracy, expect some crazies to join the aristocrats at the country club.

    AMG drivers are a breed of their own, much like their cars. Well dressed, well-spoken and very well-off individuals, but when the sun goes down, they roll up their sleeves, ball their fists and fight their way into the centre of a mosh pit. While we quietly despise them, we secretly envy them. The unlimited energy they emanate, the amount of flammable fluids they consume, the amount of chaos they can contain – and when everything around you is crumbling and on fire, you can trust an AMG driver to sweep you up, slap the flames and ambers off you and scream in your face that everything is alright. Of course the appropriate response would be to gaze back at them in a stupor and whimper, “Okay…”

    MERCEDES 2010 SL63 AMG
    Behind the wheel – the 2010 MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 AMG

    In the 2010 model, changes were made to add to the savagery. On the outside, the body kit features disco ball headlights and an attractive front lip. Side gills were added much like most of the cars in the AMG range and the rear sports a muscular apron and a diffuser to improve aerodynamics. The cockpit is a tidy improvement to the previous model. The AMG leather seats have ample support and all the buttons and knobs are within view and reach. Instead of the tech mess you get with some other cars, Mercedes knows that the SL driver wants complete control while doing as little work as possible.

    AMG swapped out their long running 5.5 litre supercharged V8 for a naturally aspirated 6.2. This brings the power from 493 bhp to a slightly beefier 518 bhp. Furthermore, instead of adopting a double-clutch gearbox, MERCEDES-BENZ have gone old school with a single wet clutch and 7 speed auto set up which in comparison, lets the engine rev more easily, takes up less space and saves weight. That being said, this car still weighs close to two tons. Heavy as it may be, it still manages to propel you from 0 – 100km/h in a scalp-peeling 4.6 seconds.

    Mercedes 2010 SL63 AMG Convertible
    MERCEDES-BENZ 2010 SL63 AMG Convertible

    The drive in Comfort Mode was simply enjoyable. It emulated the feel of driving a luxury sedan rather than a sports car. Unlike other cars in its class, it does not leave you feeling like a bag of crushed croutons. While you float over road irregularities with ease, the softness means that you will still get some roll in the corners. Power is delivered without much urgency, accompanied by the humble growl of the powerhouse beneath the bonnet.

    In Sport Mode, I was surprised that the soft ride was not compromised much but the feeling of the transmission was noticeable. Sharper gear changes and throttle responses gave more confidence to take sharper corners at speed, but the ride got jerky at low speeds.

    Mercedes 2010 SL63 AMG - Side Profile
    MERCEDES-BENZ 2010 SL63 AMG – Side Profile

    In Sport Plus, it felt as if I was driving a different car. The steering firmed up, throttle response was again more sensitive and the traction control allowed for a bit of oversteer in corners. Being a MERCEDES-BENZ, the traction control is never fully off and what you get when you push the limits is the brakes annoyingly stabbing at the discs, trying hard to help you find grip. Occasionally you do find yourself smiling uncontrollably while the car roars through the turns and the tyres scream for mercy.

    In the end, AMG and MERCEDES-BENZ have unified power and sense into a hard-top convertible. A parting piece to would-be owners: the ability to coast to your destination in absolute comfort will assure you that you have made it in life, while the rumble and gurgle of the AMG’s V8 will let you know you are still the animal you always were.

    To find out more about about this MERCEDES-BENZ SL63 AMG in Singapore, drop us an email at .

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    The PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER – Back to the Future

    July 7th, 2016

    First Looks – 2017 PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER.

    Racing back into History with The PORSCHE 356

    Gmünd, Austria, 1948. The streets roared to life with the sound of the first ever Porsche, a 356, spluttering and banging its way around the narrow roads. Attracting attention as it went along, history was made as the first ever, mid-engine four cylinder PORSCHE, rolled out of a sawmill and made a name for itself.

    Porsche 356
    PORSCHE 356

    Having etched their name into the pages of history for making sporty and agile roadsters, they took it further by making racing cars. One of which is the 718 (1957 – 1962), used to race in several racing categories such as Le Mans 24 hours, Formula 1 and 2 and the European Hill Climb. A couple of great names in racing to have ever piloted this beauty included Graham Hill and Sir Sterling Moss.

    The PORSCHE 718 RSK

    Porsche 718 RSK

    Fast forward almost seven decades later, Porsche have brought back its past, to give us something great for the future. The new age of 4 cylinder engines on the 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S. PORSCHE’s newest range to its already existing forced induction models.

    The 718 Boxster (left) and the 718 Boxster S (right)

    2017 Porsche 718 Boxster & Boxster S
    PORSCHE 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S (Pictured left to right)

    Launched in Singapore last Thursday at Infinity Studios, Porsche Asia Pacific presented us with the two new cars. Although they look similar to the previous model, they could not be any more different.

    Engine Overview

    PORSCHE 718 Boxster Turbo, and 718 Boxster S Turbo Geometry (Pictured left to right)
    PORSCHE 718 Boxster Turbo, and 718 Boxster S Turbo Geometry (Pictured left to right)

    Due to euro emissions regulations, PORSCHE have developed a whole new engine. The number of cylinders on the new 718 Boxster have been reduced from 6 to 4, but do not fret. To compensate for this change, they have added a single turbo (courtesy of Borg Warner) capable of a boost of 20.3psi for the 2.0 litre model and a 14.3psi turbo with VTG (variable turbine geometry) which was taken from the 911 turbo. These additions translate in to impressive numbers. The Standard 718 Boxster now puts out 296HP where it once made 261hp. The 718 Boxster S is now 345HP as compared to the previous model’s 311hp. A substantial leap in performance which will ultimately lead to a more exciting driving experience.


    Inside the 2017 PORSCHE 718 Boxster
    The Driver’s Seat of the 2017 PORSCHE 718 Boxster

    Even though the numbers aren’t exactly a great improvement, they make a lot of difference in your everyday drive as well as on the track. PORSCHE offers their PDK and Sport Chrono Package for both modes which lets you sprint from zero to 100kn/h in 4.7 seconds for the standard 718 (.08 seconds faster than the previous model), and the Boxster S does its sprint to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds (0.6 seconds faster than the previous Boxster S). The new 718 Boxster’s speed range revs up to 7,500rpm and has a power decline from nominal to maximum engine speed is at a surprising low of five percent, unmatched by any other turbo-charged engine of its class. The 718 Boxster allows the driver to use the its sublime accelerating power over a broad range of engine speed without having to changes gears often. Its full torque and power is always readily available right after gear shifts and unlike other cars, the torque gains are especially noticeable above the 100km/h mark. Top speeds for both cars are 275km/h for the 718 Boxster, and 285km/h for the 718 Boxster S.
    Being one of the few cars which PORSCHE manufactures with an engine mounted in the middle, means that it has a perfect weight distribution between the axles and gives it a great balance through tight corners. Also, since the engine drives the rear wheels and the fronts wheels just steer, you will get excellent feedback through the steering wheels which will add to that almost erotic driving experience.
    Design impression


    Keeping to tradition, the new 718 Boxster’s exterior changes are subtle but noticeable. Overall the car has taken on a slightly more muscular and angular look. The front end looks wider thanks to the new narrow design for the front lights which come with optional four point LEDs, as well as angular fins which run from the front of the bonnet to the windscreen.

    2017 PORSCHE 718 Boxster Side Profile
    2017 PORSCHE 718 Boxster Side Profile

    The side profile remains almost the same but now has larger air holes to not only cool the engine but to also allow cool air into the turbo. In addition, there are newly designed side sills and wings and door handles without add-on handle shells.

    The rear has taken on more restyling with its new accent strip bearing the PORSCHE badge between the tail lights. The rear’s sharper edges along with the edge at the height of the reflectors adds a stronger presence. The remodelled rear lights are now more prominent with the three-dimensional LED technology and four-point brake lights.


    Overall a great design and a throaty new engine will add to PORSCHE’s already strong on-road reputation in Singapore. With several cars already ordered (and hopefully on their way here), we can expect to see and experience PORSCHE’s newest offering to us fairly soon. If you feel the 718 Boxster’s soft top is not your style, just wait for the unveiling of their new Cayman.

    2017 PORSCHE 718 Boxster Rear View


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