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    LOUIS XIII Announces “100 Years” By Pharrell Williams To Be Released in 2117 Only #IfWeCare

    December 18th, 2017

    Earlier on November 13th 2017, LOUIS XIII Cognac premiered “100 Years”- The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care – a unique musical composition created by Pharrell Williams that will not be released until 2117. LOUIS XIII partnered with Pharrell on this innovative project through a shared dedication to environmental issues.

    The original song is a creative expression of the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the effect humans have on their environment. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII represents the life achievement of generations of cellar masters. This signifies how LOUISE XIII will always think a century ahead.

    Pharrell’s exclusive track was recorded onto a record made of clay from the chalky soil of the Cognac region.

    Pharrell’s exclusive track is recorded onto a record made of clay from the chalky soil of the Cognac region. It is currently stored in the cellars of LOUIS XIII in a state-of-the-art safe specially designed by Fichet-Bauche. This safe  is only destructible when submerged in water. Scientists project that in 100 years, a portion of the world’s land might be underwater.  To recognise the effects of global warming will guarantee that this original piece of music will be heard again in 2117. In doing so,  change our way of living so we can guarantee a future for generations to come. “100 Years” by Pharrell Williams will be out in 2117, but only #Ifwecare.

    Pharrell Williams behind the scenes of "100 Years".
    Pharrell Williams behind the scenes of “100 Years”.

    “I love the fact that LOUIS XIII thinks a century ahead”, said Pharrell Williams. “We should all do the same for the planet. We have a common interest in preserving nature for the future. Each bottle is the life achievement of generations of men and women. It’s all about legacy and transmission.” Pharrell has long been passionate about preserving our environment and how important human action is to addressing climate change.

    “100 Years” premiered during a private listening party in Shanghai, where Pharrell presented the song one time only. Only the one hundred lucky guests in attendance have experienced this exclusive single. Now, the song will remain a secret for the century to come. LOUIS XIII and Pharrell’s goal is to inspire these guests to take action and motivate others and generations after.


    Founded in 1874 by Paul Emile Rémy Martin, LOUIS XIII is the pure result of the genius of its creators. Namely, the environment and generations of owners and cellar masters. Each LOUIS XIII is a gift from Mother Nature. Without her full balance and wellness, assembling the LOUIS XIII would prove impossible. Each LOUIS XIII is made up of a blend of up to 1200 eaux-de-vie that composes each decanter. Respecting tradition, today’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau sets aside the finest eaux-de-vie as a legacy to his successors.

    Following the event in Shanghai, LOUIS XIII Cognac will launch an international tour in major cities all around the world. This is to raise awareness and funds for environmental organisations through charity dinners. Through these events, LOUIS XIII will directly support associations dedicated to curbing climate change on a local level.

    Now, it is only natural, that we give back  and care for our environment. We hope to serve as a flag bearer to address the issue of global warming in the 21st century. Since LOUIS XIII was founded, it is the core tenet of their philosophy to think a century ahead. It is the duty of every cellar master to set aside the finest eaux-de-vie as a legacy to his successors for the coming century.

    The Remy Cointreau Group, including LOUIS XIII, dedicates themselves to the international effort to curb global warming. The group joined the United Nations “Global Compact” environmental organization 14 years ago, And since 2014, they are  part of the elite “Global Compact Advanced”. They are dedicated to contributing to the international effort with its 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility program.  With one of its goals being to reduce the group’s greenhouse gases and carbon footprint, they prioritise sustainable wine-growing practices, energy efficiency, eco-friendly packaging, optimisation of product shipments and forest conservation. Given its niche production, LOUIS XIII contributes to a very small CO2 emission.

    “As a company, we must do the best we can every day to make the world a better place”, explained Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. “But no single person or brand can stop global warming on their own – it must come from the unified global actions of all people around the world. Together we are much stronger than any person or brand is on their own. This is not about any one city or country but the future of our planet as a whole. Our concern is not primarily for Cognac, but for every city around the world.”


    “Our intent is to inspire. Working with Pharrell Williams on this project felt very natural,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. “Not only is he one of the most talented creative 3 forces in music today, he is one of the world’s strongest, most impactful voices for global climate change, especially the younger generation”.  Not only a visionary musician and producer, Pharrell Williams above all a philanthropist. He is currently honored with not only ten Grammy Awards, but two Academy Award nominations as well. A passionate advocate for environmental issues, Pharrell has been for a longtime sensitive to climate change, urging the world to take action to mitigate the effects of global warming.

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    #TASTES : Glenmorangie Bacalta

    May 3rd, 2017

    An anticipated look (and taste) at the Glenmorangie Private Edition 8th Release – The Glenmorangie Bacalta.

    The Glenmorangie Private Edition, an award-winning range which provides whisky connoisseurs and aficionados the opportunity to experience a dram of rare and intriguing single malt, recently unveiled its 8th release – the Glenmorangie Bacalta.
    Glenmorangie Bacalta

    Inspired by the Glenmorangie Madeira Finish created in 1995, The Glenmorangie introduced us to the Glenmorangie Bacalta, the eighth expression in the brand’s longline of award winning range by inviting us to the savour in the “Bacalta Experience” at Botanica at The Garage, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

    Drawing inspiration from long, balmy days on the tropical island of Madeira, the 1995 Glenmorangie Madeira Finish was the world’s first whisky extra-matured in Madeira casks. After two decades of dedicated pursuit for perfection, Dr Bill Lumsden has recreated his dream of the perfect Madeira-finished whisky; theGlenmorangie Bacalta.

     The evening started with…

    After a fairly acceptable walk through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, we found The Garage where we later had to go around the corner to climb a short stair flight to Botanica.

    Our hard-work paid off as we were welcomed with a special Glenmorangie cocktail, The Glenmorangie Sunrise, created by Botanico at The Garage’s In-house Mixologist Ruzaini Hashim to beat the heat of the Singapore evening and teasing us with what is the be revealed of the evening’s highlight.

    The Glenmorangie Sunrise Cocktail to welcome guests.
    The Glenmorangie Sunrise Cocktail to welcome guests and to give a little teaser to the Glenmorangie Bacalta.

    Along with the refreshing cocktail, food pairings by Botanico were served including rock melon and lamb prosciutto skewers, Hokkaido scallops, roasted pigeon with parsnip, walnuts and purple sorrel, and Idiazabal cheese croquettes with Iberico chorizo.

    Rock Melon and Lamb Prosciutto Skewers with the Glenmorangie Nectar D'or.
    Rock Melon and Lamb Prosciutto Skewers with the Glenmorangie Nectar D’or.
    Hokkaido Scallops with the Glenmorangie Lasanta.
    Hokkaido Scallops with the Glenmorangie Lasanta.

    The wide range of canapes definitely kept our hunger satiated as the tables were set to prepare us for the much anticipated Glenmorangie series tasting session.

    An outdoor setting for the Glenmorangie
    The table set for a sensory adventure through Glenmorangie’s fine range of single-malts.
    Brendan McCarron, Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks, The Glenmorangie Company and Dr. Bill Lumsden heir’s apparent speaking about the creation of The Glenmorangie Bacalta.

    “Today’s tasting represents many firsts for me. I am excited and proud to introduce Glenmorangie’s Private Edition to Singapore for the first time. It is also my first time holding a whisky tasting in a beautiful alfresco setting; a refreshing change for me as such an experience is not common in Scotland, where I am from, due to the rainy weather!” said Mr. McCarron, who was on his maiden visit to Singapore.

    The Glenmorangie Core Expressions.
    All set and read for the Glenmorangie series with COVERED Asia’s Managing Director Nick T.

    Mr. McCarron begun the evening by first introducing us to Glenmorangie’s Core expressions, including The Original and extra-matured range of single malts, Lasanta, Quinta Ruban, and Nectar D’Or. He then shared the intriguing story of the limited-edition Glenmorangie Bacalta’s inspiration and creation.

    Even after the session, guests stuck around to enjoy the company of fellow whisky enthusiasts and to get to find out more about the exclusive Glenmorangie edition. It is safe to say that everyone left The Garage satisfied and happy.

    The COVERED Asia team hanging out with Brendan McCarron. Salute!

    The Glenmorangie Bacalta can be enjoyed in Singapore at bars including Chop Suey Café, Dempsey — PS. Cafe, Liquor Bar, The Garage at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Monti, The Summerhouse, and 1-Altitude.

    Those interested to purchase a bottle of Glenmorangie Bacalta can do so from the following retailers: The Whisky Distillery, Le Vigne, 1855 The Bottle Shop, The Standish, Le Rouge, Bottles & Bottles, and online store Asher BWS ( TheGlenmorangie Bacalta is produced as a small-batch special edition and will be available in Singapore only while stocks last.

    Thank you for the amazing session!
    Thanks for the invite!

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    Lagavulin 15 – Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Private Collector’s Edition

    January 31st, 2017

    Lagavulin Celebrates 200 Years of Tradition in Singapore

    Not many whiskies that can call themselves a bicentennial brand. Yet instead of a huge elaborate party attended by hundreds of whisky enthusiasts, the Lagavulin 200th Anniversary was celebrated by way of a tasting party with a small, privileged and select group of 30 whisky lovers and collectors who gathered in high spirits at The Auld Alliance in Singapore.

    Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Tasting Party
    Lagavulin 15 Years Special 200th Anniversary Bottling unveiled at the Auld Alliance in Singapore

    The name Lagavulin is an anglicisation of the Gaelic “lag a’mhuilin” – which means “hollow by the mill”. Born out of the island of Islay in Scotland, Lagavulinis a brand which dates back to 1816, and is well known for its slow distillation speeds and pear shaped pot stills production methods. Each of the two wash stills have a capacity of 11,000 litres, and the two spirit stills hold up to 12,500 litres each.

    Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Celebrations in Singapore

    The Auld Alliance in Singapore, believed to have the largest whisky collection in the whole of Southeast Asia, recently played host to the Lagavulin 200th Anniversary celebrations in Singapore. Upon arriving, guests were promptly welcomed with a dram of the Lagavulin 16 – the winner of four consecutive double gold medals between 2005 and 2008 in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

    Celebrations begun with a Tasting Party that started off with a short introduction of the history of Lagavulin. Following which, guests were then presented with their next dram – the Lagavulin 8 Years, and the Lagavulin 25 Years which was paired with a homemade bottle-shaped Scottish Shortbread.

    Moments after, guests bore witness to the worldwide exclusive launch of the Lagavulin 15 Years Old.

    (Photo Source : The Auld Alliance)
    The unveiling of the Lagavulin 15 Years – a 200th Anniversary Private Collector’s Edition. (Photo Credits – The Auld Alliance)

    #unCOVERED – Mike Soldner on the Lagavulin 15, a Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Private Collector’s Edition

    In a special interview, COVERED Asia talks with Mike Soldner, business owner of the B28 Whisky Fund, and the private bottler responsible for the Lagavulin 15 Years.

    Mike Soldner.
    Mike Soldner, Business Owner of The B28 Whisky Fund and the man responsible for the birth of Lagavulin 200th Anniversary Private Collector’s Edition; Lagavulin 15th. (Photo Credit: Auld Alliance)

    COVERED: Could you tell us why you selected Lagavulin as your choice for this private bottling, and perhaps share with us about your journey with the brand prior to this?

    MIKE : I’ve been a bit of a “peat head” since I was in my late teens. I started big with Laphroaig and Ardbeg, but as I matured, gravitated toward Lagavulin for a gentler, but equally complex Islay whisky.


    COVERED : Was there anything in particular you were looking for when you were tasting for the Lagavulin limited collection?

    MIKE : I was looking for a cask at the absolute peak of its powers naked. One that no amount of water, filtration, vatting or other process could improve. I believe I found it.


    COVERED: When you finally found the Lagavulin 15 years, what went through your mind when you were finally bottling it? Was there any significance of this bottle?

    MIKE : Many months transpired between the date of purchase and the date of bottling, so I was mainly just excited to finally see the liquid in a bottle. Being able to assign my daughter’s birthday as the bottling date was definitely a nice touch.


    COVERED:What really stood out for you in each of the expressions for the 200th Anniversary releases? Is there there’s any other particular expression that you have grown to like throughout the 200 years of Lagavulin history?

    MIKE : In addition to our cask, I’m also a fan of the Lagavulin 200th Anniversary 8 Year bottling. I like the honesty of the 8 year age statement on the label, and I like the light freshness of the whisky both visually and on the palate. The 48% ABV is nice too, and the below $100 price tag is very friendly.


    The 200th Anniversary Edition of the Lagavulin 8 Years (Photo Source:
    The 200th Anniversary Edition of the Lagavulin 8 Years (Photo Source:

    Contact Information

    For the latest Lagavulin news, visit

    For more about Mike Soldner and the B28 Whisky Fund, visit their official Facebook page here.

    The Auld Alliance is located on level 2 of the Hotel Rendezvous on Bras Basah Road in Singapore. To contact them, visit .

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    [ Giveaways ] Win Exclusive Movie Tickets to the Preview Screening of ALLIED

    December 28th, 2016

    Catch Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in ALLIED

    It is the season of giving after all, and we’re giving away 20 pairs to catch Brad Pitt in his latest silver screen performance, along side Marion Cotillard


    [ Giveaways ] Contest Details:

    Be one of 10 lucky winners to each win a pair of exclusive passes to the preview screening of ALLIED in Singapore.

    To win, simply

    1) Like our Facebook Page

    2) Tag a friend

    3) Tell us in the comments on our Facebook post, When is the RELEASE DATE OF THE MOVIE, ALLIED in Singapore.

    4) Email us at with your full name, and date of birth

    * This contest is strictly for 18-years old and over only.

    * Rating & Consumer Advice: M18 – Sexual Scenes.

    Screening Details:

    Date : Wednesday, 4th January, 2017

    Venue : Shaw Theatres Lido

    Time : 7.00pm

    Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017

    Winners can collect their tickets from the United International Pictures (UIP) redemption table located at Shaw Lido (level 5 foyer) from 6pm onwards on 4th January ’17.

    ALLIED – Directed by Robert Zemeckis

    ALLIED, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, is the story of Canadian intelligence officer Max Vatan, who in 1942 North Africa encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.

    The mission begins on 5th January 2017.

    ALLIED (2017) Movie Poster
    ALLIED (2017) Movie Poster

    Trailer and Images are courtesy of, and © 2017 Paramount Pictures.  

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    W!LD Rice presents: The Rice Ball 2016

    November 11th, 2016

    The Very Wild “XXX” Rice Ball 2016 #unCOVERED.

    For the socially informed, the Rice Ball by the W!ld Rice theatre company has over the past 14 years, come to distinguish itself as one of Singapore’s most entertaining and creative fundraising events. And this year’s Wild Rice Ball 2016 proved to be even better yet.

    With a theme like “XXX”, you already knew that this year’s 2016 edition of  the Rice Ball was going to be all kinds of provocative. Think strippers, leather, belts, and chains – all of which you’d expect right off the set of an S&M (sadomasochistic) video.

    (From left) Nicklaus Loh, Jacelyn La, Frances Low, Coralie Ang, Paolo Costagli & Franck Manichon
    (From left) Nicklaus Loh, Jacelyn La, Frances Low, Coralie Ang, Paolo Costagli & Franck Manichon
    (From Left:) Dr. Bernard Cheong, Dolly Cheong, Dr. June Goh and Staphnie Tang.)
    (From Left:) Dr. Bernard Cheong, Dolly Cheong, Dr. June Goh and Staphnie Tang.)
    Model Hunks pose with guests at the W!ld Rice Ball 2016
    Model Hunks pose with Dr Georgia Lee and friend at the W!ld Rice Ball 2016

    One of Singapore’s highly anticipated society balls has truly lived up to its name; the “XXX” event delivered an “X-hilarating” evening of sensuality and seduction. There was but one pre-entry requisite, just leave your inhibitions at the door and step into an X-citing world of hidden passions and secret desires.

    A specially choreographed Hublot number featuring Hublot's timepieces projected on the large LED screen.
    A specially choreographed Hublot number featuring Hublot’s timepieces projected on the large LED screen

    Presented by Swiss-luxury watchmaker Hublot, the Very W!LD RICE BALL led its guests into an electrifying wonderland of sensual fantasy – part burlesque, part cabaret and pure entertainment.

    Welcome Speech by Ivan Heng.
    Welcome Speech by Ivan Heng who wears rose gold Hublot timepiece

    RICE BALL’s guests were treated to an X-quisite banquet laid out by the chef of Shangri-La Hotel and paired with entertainment and fun by some of Singapore’s finest multi-talented performers.

    "Big Spender" by Pam Oei and the Wild Rice Dancers
    “Big Spender” performance by Pam Oei and the Wild Rice Dancers
    Hossan Leong displaying his pole dancing prowess.
    Hossan Leong’s stand-up comedy sketch led to a short display of his pole dancing prowess

    Behind the closed doors of the impeccable ball, a galaxy of stars took over the stage for The “XXX”-Factor Cabaret Show. Directed by Ivan Heng and Glen Goei, the X-travaganza, heart-throbbing, eye-popping cabaret show set up to scandalize the hearts of the Merlion City. The cosmopolitan city’s finest performers, including Pam Oei and Hossan Leong, took on the stage with The Brass Barre’s Artistic Director & Principle Instructor Elena Chernyshova and internationally-acclaimed burlesque artist Sukki Singapora.  

    "Toxic" by Elena Chernyshova and the Wild Rice Dancers.
    “Toxic” by Elena Chernyshova and the Wild Rice Dancers
    Sukki Singapora - Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
    “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” featuring Sukki Singapora

    Probably one of the highlights of the evening, Sukki Singapora, the Lion City’s first professional burlesque artiste, who swept the stage with her Burlesque glamour; delivering an opulent performance in an original Legends of Burlesque gown (a 17.5 inch corset adorned with 20-thousand Swarovski crystals) inside the world’s largest diamond ring filled with champagne.

    The Surprise Proposal!
    The Surprise Proposal took place at the Rice Ball 2016

    Adding on to the entertainment and exciting list of highlights on the night, a guest at the event got down on one knee, in a surprise marriage proposal to the girl of his dreams.

    Stand Up For Singapore performance by Ivan Heng and Glen Goei

    The 15th edition of The Rice Ball closed off in spectacular and “X-Rated” fashion, with Ivan Heng and Glen Goei bringing a whole new meaning to the term stand-up comedy, as they closed the evening with an unusual (but not surprising) performance of “Stand Up for Singapore”.

    The Grand Finale Performance by the Wild Rice Production Performers.
    The Grand Finale Performance by the Wild Rice Production Performers
    The sounds of DJ KFC signalling the end of the RICE BALL and the start of the after-party.
    The sounds of DJ KFC came on, signalling the end of the Rice Ball and the start of the Very W!ILD after-party.

    The party did not stop there, as DJ KFC soon took the reigns and carried friends and family of The Rice Ball through the night with his brand of non-stop fist-pumping electronic dance music.

    Congratulations to W!LD RICE PRODUCTION and its organizing committee for yet another successful and W!ld Rice Ball!

    About the RICE BALL

    The Rice Ball, now in its 15th edition, has distinguished itself as one of Singapore’s most entertaining and creative fundraising events, not least because of its trademark all-star concerts. Annually, Singapore’s great and good, the members of its social and business elite, come together to show their support for W!ld Rice as it continues to fulfill its mission of creating significant, inclusive and innovative works that inspire audiences in Singapore and around the world.

    Cheers everyone!
    A load toast to the talented team behind the Wild Rice Ball 2016

    Every Wild Rice Ball is guaranteed to be fun-filled and W!ld, with guests dressed to the nines according to the night’s theme, supping on a gastronomic feast created by the island’s finest chefs and enjoying a concert that showcases Singapore’s best theatre talents.

    W!ld Rice, like many other major theatre companies all around the world, looks to the generosity and support of benefactors, patrons and sponsors in order to do increase its support in the arts. All funds raised from the evening’s festivities will go directly towards supporting artistic and educational programming at W!ld Rice.

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    The Prestige Magazine Singapore 16th Anniversary Ball

    October 26th, 2016

    An Inside Look at the Prestige Ball 2016

    As with most popular cultures, 16 years signifies the “coming of age”. Since its birth in 2000, the Prestige Magazine has indeed come a long way in coming to be the authority in the luxury scene in Singapore. Here’s our inside look at the Prestige Magazine 16th Anniversary, held earlier this month.

    Prestige 16th Anniversary Ball (Photo Source: Prestige Magazine, Singapore)
    Prestige 16th Anniversary Ball (Photo Credit: Prestige Magazine, Singapore)

    Pull up into the driveway of the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, and you will expect to drive pass a fleet of luxury cars; a familiar sight for society’s elite. Ladies make the final adjustments to their gowns, whilst gentleman adjust their bowties. At the hotel lobby, your car door opens to the warm smile of the hotel valet and doormen. They greet you, and signal your arrival at the Ritz.

    The Society Walk-In

    From left : Adrian Tan, Nada Jumabhoy, Meaghan See, Angeline Tan, Serene Tan, Elvira Limpid and Johannes See
    Guests arrive at the Prestige 16th Anniversary Ball. (From left : Adrian Tan, Nada Jumabhoy, Meaghan See, Angeline Tan, Serene Tan, Elvira Limpid and Johannes See)

    Soon enough, no one is feeling out of place as they enter the anteroom full of society’s finest. Guests are then welcomed down the red carpet and invited to take a mandatory picture at the Prestige photo wall. As you find yourself mingling with like-minded guests, none is left without a glass of Charles Heidsieck champagne in hand, and all are ever ready for that “wefie” moment.

    The Main Event

    Guests enjoying themselves throughout dinner service
    Guests enjoying themselves throughout dinner service (Photo Credit: Prestige Magazine, Singapore)

    As the door opens, signifying the commencement of Prestige’s sweet 16th celebrations, guests are led to their seats inside the Island Grand ballrom of the Ritz. Emcee Timothy Nga welcomes all guests, and kicks-off the event proper with an invitational performance piece Flow, accompanied by an EFX Show of high-tech lights & lasers by special effects specialist Kiki Tay. This was followed-up by a speech by Director of Operations at Prestige Magazine, Laura Lim who gave her heartfelt thanks to family and friends of Prestige for their support each year.

    Forging long-lasting friendships has always been what Prestige stands for
    Forging long-lasting friendships has always been what Prestige stands for

    This year’s Prestige x Tumi Award gave recognition to Susanna Han. Starting out from humble beginnings, the Prestige x Tumi award recognizes her many successful career achievements over the years. During her acceptance speech, Susanna paid heartfelt tribute to her late mother who used sew her a set of beautiful clothes every Chinese New Year, which led her into her journey of fashion.

    "Fashion can be bought but style is eternal, and so is love." - Susanna Han.
    “Fashion can be bought but style is eternal, and so is love.” – Susanna Han (Pictured left)

    Another award presented on the night was the Prestige Ball’s Most Stylish Gentleman, presented by Ermenegildo Zegna. The recipient of this inaugural award was the ever dapper Darren Cheong. Lead up to this award began earlier in June ’16 this year, with an intimate by-invite-only event by Prestige Magazine titled; An Evening with ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA”.

    Darren Cheong (Pictured left) receiving the inaugural Most Stylist Gentleman award, presented by Ermenegildo Zegna.
    Darren Cheong (Pictured left) receiving the inaugural Most Stylist Gentleman award, presented by Ermenegildo Zegna.

    By the Foyer

    Guests enjoying a cocktail courtesy of the Macallan

    With all the festive celebrations taking place inside the Island Grand Ballroom, one could really catch a break away from the party. An outdoor bar in the foyer served up a fine range of McCallan whiskies and Snow Leopard vodka. Nearby an Aston Martin DBII on display appealed to petrolheads in the room.

    A Special Supper Treat

    Guests showing off their dance moves
    Guests showing off their dance moves (Photo Credit: Prestige Magazine Singapore)

    Breaking dessert banquet traditions, a supper buffet comprising of local delights such as Mee Siam and Kueh Pie Tee was served. The supper spread sustained party-goers as they continued to move to the beat of the invited DJ. Guests Ginny & Richard Wiluan even made a cameo on the turntables.

    The DJ taking over for Prestige 16th Anniversary Ball's after-party.
    The DJ taking over for Prestige 16th Anniversary Ball’s after-party (Photo Credit: Prestige Magazine Singapore)
    Johannes See and Norman Hartono
    (From Left: Johannes See and Norman Hartono)
    On behalf of the team at COVERED Asia, we wish Prestige Magazine Singapore a very Happy 16th Anniversary. (In Pic: Johannes See)
    On behalf of the team at COVERED Asia, we wish Prestige Magazine Singapore a very Happy 16th Anniversary. (In Pic: Johannes See)

    Congratulations once again to the Prestige Magazine Singapore team! We look forward to your Prestige 17th Anniversary Ball!

    For the full report on Prestige Magazine Singapore’s 16th Anniversary, grab your copy of the November ’16 edition of Prestige Magazine.

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    #UNCOVERED – An Inside Look at the EXOTICARS CLUB Singapore

    August 24th, 2016

    Celebrating 7 Years – An Inside look at the EXOTICARS Club– by Johannes See (edited by Nick T.)

    The EXOTICARS CLUB at W Singapore
    The EXOTICARS CLUB at W Singapore

    A fortnight ago, probably one of Singapore’s most exclusive car clubs, the EXOTICARS CLUB rode their way into their 7th Anniversary Dinner hosted by W Singapore, at Sentosa Cove.

    Having first started their engines back in 2009 with a group of 30 supercar enthusiasts, the EXOTICARS CLUB (ECC) has since grown to a close-knitted community of 130 like-minded supercar owners. Unlike many other super car clubs, the ECC is just one of the only few non-brand exclusive car clubs that welcomes petrol-heads who owns some of the most illustrious (and fastest) supercars on the island.

    Highly regarded within their professional sectors of choice, the ECC member is more than just a massive supercar lover and owner, but also a qualified “mover-and-shaker” within their own industry space.

    7th Anniversary Dinner

    As a contingent of supercars, led by ECC President, Chia Boon Teck, pulled up into the arrival lobby of the W Singapore, hotel staff and guest looked curiously on as a panel of supercar event photographers greeted the ECC members upon their arrival at the black-tie ECC Anniversary Dinner.

    Dominic Khoo and partner
    From Left: Dominic Khoo and partner
    Laurent Chevalley, and Marie Choo
    From Left: Laurent Chevalley and Marie Choo
    From Left: Lyndon Teoh and partner
    From Left: Lyndon Teoh and partner

    Following the traditional arrival photo-taking activities, guests were ushered to their seats at the Great Room, signalling that dinner was to be served.

    Ladies of the EXOTICARS CLUB
    Ladies of the EXOTICARS CLUB, including Maria See – 3rd from left
    The younger members of the EXOTICARS CLUB
    The younger members of the EXOTICARS CLUB. (from left, Guest, Guest, Heeraj Sharmer, Rayner Ling, Aaron Rylan and partner)

    As guest tucked in to a select “four-hand” menu, exclusively prepared by the Winner of Masterchef Australia Season 2, Adam Liaw, alongside W Singapore Executive Chef Larry Li, ECC Club President, Chia Boon Teck took to the stage rostrum for a special opening segment, where he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the people who has made the ECC what it is today.

    Club President, Chia Boon Teck (left), presenting an award to Timothy Winamala
    Club President, Chia Boon Teck (left), presenting an award to Timothy Wimala
    Club President, Chia Boon Teck (left), presenting an award to Allan Chua
    Club President, Chia Boon Teck (right), presenting an award to Allan Chua

    Amongst these loyal supercar lovers, special mentions were given to a few individuals including Allan Chua, Chris Tong and Timothy Wimala for going the extra mile for the ECC.

    Special mentions were also given to ECC Vice-President, Jaacky See and Secretary / Treasurer Wong Kai Yun, who were amongst the founding leaders since the Club’s birth.

    “We all had a grand time at ECC’s 7th Anniversary- black tie event. This is now something I look forward to every year. It just keeps getting better every year.”, comments one of the ECC’s youngest members, Heeraj Sharma, who runs a family business dealing in cosmetics, and has been part of the ECC for about two years now.

    A Black Tie Affair at the EXOTICARS CLUB 7th Anniversary.
    A black tie affair at the EXOTICARS CLUB 7th Anniversary Dinner

    “I feel honored being one of the youngest members in EXOTICARS CLUB. My age has not been a problem for me at the Club, as I feel that most of us are on the same wavelength given our common interests.”, added the 27 year young Sales Director, Heeraj Sharma.

    "Live Plating Demonstration" by Master Chef Australia Season 2 Winner, Adam Liaw
    “Live Plating Demonstration” by Masterchef Australia Season 2 Winner, Adam Liaw

    Other highlights on the evening included a special “live” cooking demo by special guest, Chef Adam Liaw.

    The EXOTICARS CLUB Committee 2016
    The EXOTICARS CLUB Committee 2016

    The evening ended with a customary cake cutting with the EXOTICARS CLUB committee members as the EXOTICARS CLUB ride into another year.

    COVERED Asia and our sister company, COM3 Singapore congratulates the EXOTICARS CLUB on their 7th Anniversary.

    (Photo credit: Crispcontrasts)

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    An Evening with ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA

    June 30th, 2016

    The Lead-Up to The Prestige Ball 2016 – A presentation by Ermenegildo Zegna.

    – by Johannes Christian See, and Nick T.

    Every gentlemen needs at least one good suit, they say. With over 100 years of fine tailoring traditions, there is not many better qualifed than the Ermenegildo Zegna team to learn from when it comes to gentlemanly dressing standards.

    Ermenegildo Zegna Model

    Every industry is anchored by at least one name that is recognized for setting the standard for its peers in the trade. For four generations since 1910, the Zegna family has since become one of the world’s biggest global producers of fine fabrics.

    “The Most Stylish Gentlemen Award” by Ermenegildo Zegna

    In line with their proud tradition of dressing some of the world’s most discerning of gentlemen in fine bespoke suit, Ermenegildo Zegna will present “The Most Stylish Gentlemen Award” at the coveted Prestige Ball in Singapore this year.

    Ermenegildo Zegna Consultants
    Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura Personal Consultants

    In recognition of gentlemen with an appreciation for the art of suiting up, the Zegna team together with Prestige Singapore, presented distinguished invitees who will attend The Prestige Ball 2016, with a showcase of various men’s suits and tuxedos earlier this month. Held at the Ermenegildo Zegna ION Boutique, the evening’s event also offered guests an opportunity to receive personal consultation by the Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura (Made-to-measure) stylists, over chilled champagne and canapes.

    An Ermenegildo Zegna Stylist assisting a male model with his cummerbund.
    An Ermenegildo Zegna Stylist assisting a male model with his cummerbund


    Whilst it may be common knowlege that the classic black and white tuxedo is a safe choice for any society event. Guests on the evening were presented by alternative tuxedo and suits styles, created with the modern gentlemen in mind.

    Various suit options
    Exploring various suit options

    Each Zegna fabric has its own unique characteristics, and with the wide range of styles and personalization services on offer, it is no wonder that Zegna was recognized as the world’s largest menswear brand in recent years.

    A selection of Ermenegildo Zegna's latest collection.
    A selection of Ermenegildo Zegna’s latest collection.

    After the session has ended, the guests were invited to have a chat and further consultation with the Su Misura stylists. COVERED’s very own Johannes See had the opportunity to consult Su Misura’s specialist, Billy Legaspi on how Johannes could “better his chances” at winning “The Most Stylish Gentlemen Award” at this year’s  Prestige Ball. The reply? It is strongly recommended that a gentlemen returns for alteration checks on his suit or tuxedo, at least once every 2 to 3 years.

    Check out Zegna’s latest collection, online here.

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