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    Ferrari 70th Anniversary – A Revving Red Odyssey

    August 30th, 2017

    The Ferrari Owners Club Singapore Convoy – The Ferrari 70th Anniversary Drive

    On a Sunday afternoon, the main roads were bustling with traffic. We proudly drove to the Singapore Flyer for the Ferrari 70th Anniversary celebrations. If I wasn’t seated in a sleek convertible with cool air blasting, this journey around Singapore would be as fiery as the engine.

    We were the first at the F1 Pit and over the next 2 hours, we stood around watching the Pit accumulate with Ferraris. In the front of assembly, a congregation of Ferrari owners and invited car fanatics gathered around the brand new hypercar taking selfies with the limited edition special series model, LaFerrari Aperta. Members of Ferrari Owners Club Singapore dressed in sleek black Ferrari 70 shirts trimmed with red.


    Ferrari Owners on the Singapore F1 Grand Prix Tracks
    Ferrari Owners on the Singapore F1 Grand Prix Tracks

    A drone flew above us recording the stunning collection of Ferraris. – This is what a Singapore Book of Records winning convoy looks like!

    A rare drone shot of the Singapore F1 tracks filled with Ferraris.
    A rare drone shot of the Singapore F1 tracks filled with Ferraris (Photo Credit: Ital Auto Singapore)

    Mostly doused in fierce crimson, the convoy also had sports cars in streaks of black, blue, yellow and white. We prepared to exit the Pit in the peak of the heat; the parked sports cars had been basking in the sunshine. With a twist of the engine, the Ferraris roared to life and I cozied in buttery soft leather as the air conditioned breeze filled the car. The radio crackled loudly in the background, so cars of the large convoy could communicate with one another.

    CRRR–Get ready…..convoy 5…..convoy 5……

    Right outside of the Pit, queues of people gathered in sweltering weather armed with cameras—like the paparazzi ready to shoot another Kardashian breakdown.

    I sat inside my car watching and waving.

    “CRRR— one car is…down….”

    A convoy of 157 Prancing horses owned the streets that Sunday with the La Ferrari Aperta and 812 Superfast leading the way.

    We drove through the iconic streets of Singapore from Marina Bay, through Benjamin Sheares bridge, past the Esplanade, and every landmark; engraving the Ferrari brand on local soil.

    So much so that we even helped congest Orchard road—in true Singaporean fashion.

    "The Prancing Horses" parading through Orchard Road.
    “The Prancing Horses” parading through Orchard Road.

    Although driving a Ferrari gets heads turning and strangers snapping shots of your car. The sheer amount of attention I was getting from this Ferrari convoy was thrilling; a throng of shoppers gathered at road borders just to watch the abundance of supercars whizz by.

    They gleam and smile: It seemed like a never-ending ride on It’s a Small World.

    I waved and blew kisses at the star-struck fanfare, while they surrounded the scorched roadsides or pressed against the inside of bus windows, always armed with phone cameras.

    Everyone who has driven knows the absolute frustration of rush hour traffic (my apologies to all the other drivers lodged in Ferrari spectacle)… but the delightfulness of having my car, bumper to bumper behind a 458 Speciale Aperta (and at one point, I was beside an SG50-customized F12 Berlinetta)—now that’s a worthy traffic jam.

    The Ferrari troop through the tunnels of Singapore.
    The Ferrari troop through the tunnels of Singapore (Photo Credit: Ital Auto Singapore)

    The convoy concluded Ferrari’s 70th anniversary at JW Marriot Hotel Singapore South Beach with an exclusive party.

    Somehow, I managed to get lost in the wave of vehicles. I was the last to arrive at the hotel, and bless my mistake because my Ferrari glided past rows and rows of sexy Italian-bred sportscars. My automobile’s reflection flitting back from the low-riding hoods. It filled an entire carpark level and more. Some classic roadies spotted include rarely seen models like the 308 GTB, f355 Berlinetta, F308 Quattrovalvole and the Testarossa.

    The USD$7.3M LaFerrari Aperta (Nope, COE not yet included)
    The USD$7.3M LaFerrari Aperta (Nope, COE not yet included)

    Blaring bass vibrates the air from miles away, the entrance to the party was graced once again by the LaFerrari Aperta, and more crowds standing around taking pictures.

    Once I walked down the steps, I could feel the floor thumping with the Top 20 hits. To my right, chef-manned tables lined side by side in the open air; bartenders from an open bar poured bottles of bubbly, amber liquid into crystal glasses.

    The Bar at the Ferrari 70th Anniversary dinner in Singapore.
    The bar at the Ferrari 70th Anniversary dinner in Singapore (Photo Credit: Ital Auto Singapore)

    A chef served me a plate: Buratta with generous shavings of truffle. His table laid with 3 platters of uncut black truffle. The table next to his had a wheel of gouda cheese, served with a shot of black vinegar and strawberries with drizzled with truffle-infused honey.

    At the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Dinner
    Gastronomical delights at the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Dinner at The JW Marriot

    Members of Ferrari Owners Club Singapore formed cliques around each other, recounting the events of today. Waitresses brought trays of macaroons and fluffy tiramisu to the guests inside the event room.

    The memorable night ended slowly and the carpark emptied out. Needless to say, Ferrari has established itself as a prestigious Sport car manufacturer, but today I saw just how powerful the brand truly was in Singapore. It has certainly imprinted on my mind and the many bystanders that stared in awe. I reignited the engine for the last time that night and drove home, noticing so often, onlookers glancing in awe.

    All photos in this article provided by Winston Chong, and Ital Auto.

    And if you’re like us and want to see more highlights from this milestone event, here’s the official Ferrari Owners Club of Singapore’s 70th Anniversary Convoy highlight video. Enjoy:

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