The Samurai Spirit of Giuseppe De Giosa

Meet the man behind the homegrown fashion label showcasing the beauty of wearable art. A fashion designer from unconventional roots, Giuseppe De Giosa, was a corporate man who has successfully clocked over 40 years in the banking and finance industry. Formally a banker for one of the oldest banks in the world established in 1472 in Siena (Italy), he became the joint General Manager in a subsidiary of the bank for several years in Australia.

Decline Collection by Giuseppe De Giosa

The birth of DGA threads started from Giuseppe De Giosa’s constant passion in art, textiles and exquisite objects. It has been the base for his desire to design and create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces which incorporate vintage fabrics combined with contemporary natural textiles with a modern twist to suit the current lifestyle.

Did you study fashion? What is your background?

I did not study fashion. I was a banker for 40 years and worked exclusively for the oldest bank in the world established in 1472 in Siena (Italy). I had the opportunity to travel for my job extensively and headed Singapore & Hong Kong office. I was also the joint General Manager in a subsidiary of the bank for several years in Australia. I lived and worked in London and Mumbai.

Giuseppe De Giosa

My way of connecting with the places was through the arts. A small part of my extensive collection of old and antique Tibetan rugs was published in 2004. The title of the book is ‘Dream Weavers; Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau.’

Would you like to share with us some of the lessons you have learnt through your fashion entrepreneurship?

Every day, life provides new experiences and lessons – bad or good. It is useful to strengthen, discipline and propel us to face new challenges and discoveries. Despite my professional background, I had the energy, determination, and vision to create and draw enormous satisfaction from assembling different cloths like an artist (and I’m not one) that, on a canvas, draws and uses colors to create a painting.

DGA Threads Gala Dinner Fashion Show at The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

The emotions are the same and the rewards – equally satisfying when creationis appreciated and purchased. This validation I get is the force that moves me forward. Connecting easily with different people in a different environment from banking and finance has been gratifying. I love establishing strong relationships with tailors who have become my friends and with whom I share a passion and enthusiasm in bringing to life new creations. Creating relationships with clients, who often become friends, is an invaluable experience that provides motivation and adds color into my life.

What are the inspirations behind your favorite collection?

We have just recently completed, helped by DGA Thread’s team, an exciting collection of garments, both for men and women; it’s called BLU. Our latest ensemble has indigo fabrics as its crucial point. I was fascinated by reading that the Japanese Samurai would wear underneath their armor indigo fabrics to protect them and make them, in their own eyes, invincible.

BLU Collection by Giuseppe De Giosa

This thought coupled with the natural indigo colour extracted from plants and having these garments on the body, like a second skin, has helped to determine the flavor of this collection. My style takes inspiration from Japanese antique and vintage apparels which are comfortable, one-size-fits-all (usually), elegant and timeless. The resulting creations have the prerogative to suit the modern lifestyle and can be worn by anyone, wherever and whenever.

Would you like to highlight the key processes that go behind the art of making of a bespoke designer women’s wear?

When I’m presented with a vintage Japanese kimono or jacket to be unstitched as it no longer serves its original purpose, I take on the task. The process is quiet, relaxing and creative simultaneously.

Giuseppe De Giosa

Unstitching brings to my memory the skillful hands of who assembled the garment; the love, the thoughts, the happiness and the sadness that went through the minds of those creating. I too, in this unwinding process, have splashes of ideas of the design, of the coloursof what I would like the garment or the creation to be like. It’s almost like meditating, andat the end of the process, I have a clear and free mind which is the foundation of my inspiration. Therefore, each piece of fabric is converted into various creations, all different from one another, all exclusive.

Where do you envision the brand to be in the next 5 – 10 years?

Our creations are limited due to the long and meticulous process by which they are brought to life. Wearable art is reserved for a particular audience; those who treasure and appreciate the highest quality, the finest details, the combination of textiles and colors, the style, the elegance and the ability to feel comfortable enough to dare as we do.

Timeless Gala Fashion Show by DGA Threads

We are a newly established company which has existed less than two years. We see expansion and new markets opened to us as the brand gains awareness and recognition. Therefore, growth will be there for the foreseeable future. Success will depend very much on continuous creativity, availability of prestigious vintage and antique fabrics mainly from Japan and the continuous support of the team of people who have been instrumental to our success.


Liyann Seet

Fashion Editor

A Singaporean investor, commercial model, beauty queen and philanthropist. Liyann began her commercial modelling career at 16 and later represented Singapore in international beauty pageants in Asia Pacific and in the United States. She has since won several international beauty pageant titles. Liyann is also responsible for founding the International Children Foundation that advocates equal educational opportunities for underprivileged kids.

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