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Japan’s Acclaimed Cherry Blossoms

Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, specifically Japan’s cherry blossoms. In Japan, many travelers embark on the famed ‘Hanami Trails‘, seeking out the most picturesque walks springtime has to offer.

We’ve always had a reverence for the sprightly pink of blossoming Sakura, and have compiled a list of must-see trails to make full use of your time in Japan.

Kanazawa Castle, Osaka

Osaka Saukra
Osaka Cherry Blossom (Picture source:
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The renowned Kanazawa Castle gets a complete make-over with the coming of spring. It will take you at least half a day to really explore these magnificent grounds (and have a taste of authentic Osakan food!)

Hokura Shrine, Kobe

Hokura Shrine (Photo source:
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Ueno Park, Hiroshima

Ueno Park (Photo source:
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Itsukushima Shrine (World Heritage Site)

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Spring has Sprung on Cherry Blossom Deals

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Spring is the quintessential season to experience Japan, lovers and non-lovers alike – the bloom of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms during this period is an iconic and romantic sight for both locals and tourists. It is also the period where Japan cities get absolutely packed. In 2016, a total of 92,700 Singaporeans travelled to Japan during the Sakura season alone. You may be itching to go to the ever-popular Japan for its cherry blossoms, but dread the impending crowds. Not to worry – you can still escape the crowds and get the perfect photos with

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