5 Great Party Cocktails Anyone Can Shake-Up with MARTELL NCF

Light-Up the Room this Festive Season with Martell NCF

#NCF – There’s a cool new “hashtag” worthy making taglines around the party scene. A few weeks back, the 300-year old cognac maison, Martell unveiled its new NCF variant in Singapore. Breaking with tradition,this Non-Chill-Filtered cognac version is filtered at room temperatures instead of at sub-zero temperatures. The result? Smooth, refreshing aromas that inspired us to try out with these easy to prep party concoctions.



Here’s a classic. A simple yet delicious cognac cocktail. Expect toasty, caramel noted from the grilled lemon, over the smoothness of the cognac.

What you’ll need:

  • 40ml Martell NCF
  • 20ml Triple Sec
  • 20ml Grilled Lemon
Toasted Lemon
Toasted Lemon rimmed with a little sugar

#4 The Party Flat

This one is really simple. Easy and quick to put together individually, or for groups. Leave it on the counter-top, and your guests will be floating over to it for seconds and thirds.

What you’ll need

  • 2cl Martell NCF
  • 10cl Sparkling (Soda) Water
  • 6 Ice-Cubes
The Martell Float
The Martell Float

Add ice into the glass. Then with the back of a spoon placed over the soft drink, slowly begin pouring the cognac over the the spoon.

*TIP – Bring out that punch bowl for larger groups, and serve it into individual glasses for guests as they arrive. This is great as the party centerpiece too.

#3 The Perfect Serve

Whilst this number isn’t a drink that requires any bottle-juggling, bar-tendering flare, it does add a nice zesty twist to the body of the cognac.

  • 35ml Martell NCF
  • 10ml Chilled Mineral Water
  • Orange Zest
The Perfect Serve
The Perfect Serve

*TIP – We twisted our orange peel over the cognac, releasing some of that zesty orange oil goodness into the glass.

#2 Plum Spritz

Here’s one from the Martell cocktail guide. Whilst we weren’t quite sure how it would turn out at first, it didn’t take us very long to appreciate this one. Ladies, we asked around, and we think you’ll love this one.

Plum Spritz
(Photo Credit: www.martell.com/en-sg/cocktails)

#1 Robust Coffee

Coffee loves can have the best of both worlds. Your after meal drink decisions now couldn’t be easier.

  • 50ml Martell NCF
  • 10ml Gomme (or syrup)
  • 3 dashes of homemade coffee bitters


Robust Coffee
Robust Coffee


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