COVERED Trends: Put Your Best Nude Forward

GoNude with the perfect make-up look under the sun this season.

Nude is in, honey…. and no, it does not mean flashing at everyone at the beach.

Gigi Hadid is the newest face of Maybelline New York
Gigi Hadid is the newest face of Maybelline New York, Gigi Hadid (source:

“(The) Maybelline New York matte nude lipstick. In the summer I love a bronzer, a nude lip, and smooth, soft skin ready for a summer tan. In the evening I’ll do a bold lip, though.”, replies celebrity fashion model Gigi Hadid, when asked what is the one summer beauty essential she can not live without.



Runway Scene

The weeks preceding the Fashion Week 2016 shows saw many runway models and high-end designer brands choose make-up of the more “naturale” variety. Earthier tones, less bright lipstick, and barely-there golden-brown eye shadows made a notable appearance.

The look is a stark contrast to last year’s summer looks that favoured orange or pink eye shadows as the choice face to strut down the runway in. The “coolest” trend this year has to be CHANEL’s Blue-Rhythm eye makeup for their models.  In fact, stunners like Kendall Jenner have been styled to look effortlessly cool with their lose buns or sleek ponytails on the runway.

CHANEL Blue Rhythm eyewear-Les 4 Ombres, Tisse Jazz
CHANEL Blue Rhythm Eyewear-Les 4 Ombres, Tisse Jazz (Source:

Recent trends have also shown that beauty artists are encouraging the additional look of “fake freckles” to make it more in tune with summer. This is to embody the normal skin reaction when faced against the sun for long periods of time – especially for Asian women who are exposed to the sun in high frequencies.

South Korean Actress and Singer, Choi Jin-ri
Choi Jin-ri (최진리), aka Sulli, is a South Korean Actress Singer, and former member of Korean Pop Group f(X) (Source –

Since Southeast Asian women commonly have yellow undertones in their skin color, opting for a lip stick with peach undertones would tremendously help this look. It could be completed with a slight amount of contouring that will enhance the cheekbones and jawline.

It also helps that choosing a brand that will literally make the lippie stick all day long (despite the heat and sweat) to ensure that the natural glow stays all throughout until the night. One example of this is the MAC’s “Craving” from their Amplified Line.

M.A.C.'s "Coral Bliss" Lipstick from their Cravings, Amplified Line
M.A.C.’s “Coral Bliss” Lipstick from their Cravings, Amplified Line (Source:

The natural look of this season vastly inspires the industry to encourage more women wearing lesser make-up, if any at all.

Another pro-tip for this summer, ladies : if you’re not into the natural look, put on a red lippie (get the right shade please!) while leaving your face bare. It’s a new trend that does wonders.

So there you go. That’s our #CoveredTrend roundup for the perfect make-up look under the sun all this summer long.

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