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M SOCIAL – Explore the difference.

The "Big Room" at M Social
The “Big Room” at M Social

Nestled along the historic Singapore River and set against the background of an increasingly vibrant Robertson Quay, the newly opened M SOCIAL hotel plays neighbour to many quaint cafes, boutique watering holes, and upscale contemporary residential and office developments. This is the sixth hotel offering by the Millennium Hotel and Resorts (MHR) group in Singapore, and is the latest addition to the group’s Leng’s Collection – A Collection of unique hotels with powerfully distinct personalities – from historic properties to trendy urban escapes.

The wine collection and bar-top video screens at the Beast and Butterflies Hotel Restaurant
The wine collection and bar-top video screens at the Beast and Butterflies Hotel Restaurant

World renown designer, Philippe Starck lends his creative vision to the hotel’s interior, adopting a new “Democratic Design” which centres around the concept of being “snuggish”. Based on this concept, the various spaces around the hotel are planned out with accessibility and flexibility in mind, all of which are thought out to cater to the “Global Citizen with a Millenial’s mindset”.

Welcome Lobby

Upon arrival at the hotel lobby, guests are met with self check-in counters set alongside well-lit marble tops, prompting the start to a whole different kind of a hotel stay.

Check-in kiosks at M SOCIAL Singapore
M SOCIAL Singapore's Hotel Lobby
Lit marble surfaces and translucent pint lamp showcases brighten up the hotel lobby

Exploring the corners of the hotel, one can not help but notice, the Peanut. The significance of the peanut sculpture which “guards” the entrance to hotel, may forever remain a mystery to all. As quoted by the designer, “This (peanut sculpture) is a mystery. There is something inside. Yet I shall never tell you what it is.” Nevertheless, our humble guess in uncovering this mystery is that peanuts are great conversation starters. Be it over a pint or a “bar game”, who doesn’t love socializing over a bag full of peanuts. On that note, we welcome you (the reader) to tell us what your take is on the significance of The Peanut, via the comments section at the end of this story.

MSocial SG's Peanut_AsiaOne
Curious Peanut Sculptures outside M Social (Source:

Cosy Cribs

All 293 rooms and suites at the M SOCIAL feature simple and minimalist designs. This however, is not a case of form over function, but a happy marriage of well-thought through planning and space layout. Electrical points were strategically placed for convenience, yet the one near the sink was well concealed to avoid water contact. Additionally Starck’s use of reflective walls made the rooms appear more spacious, whilst concrete walls helped keep the interiors cool, despite having wall-to-ceiling windows.

"Electric" lights light up the hotel walkways
“Electric” lights light up the hotel walkways

The "Big Room" at M Social
The “Big Room” is compact in design, but big on character

"The Big Room" is a loft with the bed on the upper deck
“The Big Room”offers a loft with the bed on the upper deck

The "Bedroom"
The “Bedroom” on the upper deck of the “Big Room”


We had a go at the gym, which was a bit small and lacking in some equipment. The gym would best house 6 people at a time, which might be an issue the hotel starts to fill up.

Surrounded with walls of greenery , black and white sun chairs by the pool, there was a moment lost and forgotten that we were still in Singapore whilst we were at the rooftop sundeck.

Soak in a bit of "New York" at the M SOCIAL Pool Deck
“Soak in a bit of New York” by the M SOCIAL Pool Deck

Wine and Dine

It should be no surprise to us that Starck would put a spin to the in-house diner. Synchronized iPads on the walls and “colour-popping” lava lamps exude a sense of care-free warmth at the Beast and Butterflies restaurant diner.

iPad decked walls of the M SOCIAL Diner
iPad-decked walls of the M SOCIAL Beast and Butterflies diner

An open kitchen at Beast and Butterflies
Open kitchen concept at Beast and Butterflies

The wine collection and bar-top video screens at the Beast and Butterflies Hotel Restaurant
The wine collection and bar-top video screens at the Beast and Butterflies
The Bar
Bar-side at the Beast and Butterflies

The Beast and Butterflies Wine Collection
The Beast and Butterflies’ wine collection

Beast an Butterlies Bar Area
Beast and Butterflies bar area

The M SOCIAL is definitely a great place for locals to come to unwind, or for the curious traveler who’s looking for a different, fun place to stay in the heart of Singapore. Nevertheless, here are a couple of things to note which would ensure you’ll enjoy your stay here a little bit more.

Tip number 1: There is no complimentary parking for hotel guests. Limited parking at the hotel means that guests may have to seek out alternative parking. A quick check revealed that parking in the area is estimated to be approximately SGD $17 a day.

Tip number 2: MHR members should take note that the loyalty discount is not applicable in conjunction with the opening special. This portion did baffle us a little , as it was not stated during the time of booking. We felt that members should get a small perk for making MHR the preferred choice, no?

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