LOUIS MOINET – A watchmaker and inventor remembered

Inventor of the Chronograph, nearly forgotten.

-by Nick T.


A quote I chanced upon, just moments before putting together this article, read:

“Get back in touch with self-mastery because it’s the one thing that never goes away. You’re the one person you’re stuck with forever.” – Mark Lack

Editor-in-chief of QuillandPad.com and Contributing Writer to FORBES.com, Elizabeth Doerr writes in her piece on the “re-discovery” of Louis Moinet, “Though I am quite sure this happens on a regular basis to general historical textbooks, I cannot recall a time in my 23 years in the watch industry that such a large fact has been corrected and history has been changed. Sometimes it’s funny how things can be right under our noses: if we’re not on the lookout for them, we won’t see them. I suppose it’s the historians’ job to look for clues. And then, when they find them – bam! A historic announcement gets made.”

Louis-Moinet-Meteoris Watch Set
Louis-Moinet-Meteoris Watch Set

In today’s connected world, it would be almost unlikely for the inventor of any useful technique, finding or invention to go unheard of, let alone overlooked. Today’s society is one that seeks to acclaim and recognize the talents amongst us that seek a better, developed world for all of mankind.

Louis Moinet is the inventor of the chronograph; the brains behind an extraordinary instrument that he invented in 1816 to use for his astronomical observations, yet a factual name that remained forgotten till 2013.

“It is important not to depart from the truth.” – Louis Moinet

Recognized for his passion and potential, fellow horologist and founder of Maison Breguet, Abraham-Louis Breguet made Louis Moinet his personal adviser in 1811. The pair worked closely together till Breguet’s departure from this world. Shortly after, Louis Moinet left the Breguet house, in search to further his research in time keeping.

Over 200 years on, horologists uncover documents diarizing a trail of research material that leads back to the invention of the Chronograph. These findings came to light so recently in 2013, and has since led to a re-birth of a collection of luxury timepieces, crafted in-house and in passionate tradition of watch-making.


The first chronograph-watch. A spectacular and innovative chronograph, displaying the 147 elements of the chronograph function on the dial side.

Louis Moinet Memoris
Louis Moinet Memoris


A special, unique retrograde mechanism, visible on the upper side of the watch. The movement features 260 parts and the “Energie Plus” system improves winding considerably.

Louis Moinet 20-Second Tempograph
Louis Moinet 20-Second Tempograph


COSC-certified mechanical chronometer. Equipped with the “Energie Plus” self-winding system and winner of a major prize in the International Chronometry Contest.

Louis Moinet Mecanograph
Louis Moinet Mecanograph

Did You Know? Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his Coronation clock. Created by Louis Moinet in 1806, notably, it features a moon phase in the form of a rotating ivory ball.

Napoleon's Coronation Clock by Louis Moinet
Napoleon’s Coronation Clock, specially crafted by Louis Moinet


The first chronograph-watch. A spectacular and innovative chronograph, displaying the 147 elements of the chronograph function on the dial side.

Memoris 200th -a Baselworld rose gold Edition
Memoris 200th -a Baselworld rose gold Edition

Where to find one?

Selected pieces from the Louis Moinet collection are now available for viewing and can be purchased from The Carbon Collective in Singapore. For more information, visit here.

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