HERMÉS Liat Towers reopens, with new art space, Aloft

Hermès, Liat Towers Singapore Reopens.

Much about the weekend incites the notion of wanting to explore all things “new”. HERMÉS Liat Towers reopens this weekend, featuring a dedicated art space, ALOFT, and we couldn’t wait to check it out.

Hermès "Home Collection".
Hermès “Home Collection”.
7 Levels of Luxury at Hermès Liat Towers
7 Levels of Luxury at Hermès Liat Towers


At the re-opening event yesterday evening, invited guests were taken on a voyage through the world of Hermès. The event was hosted by Axel Dumas, the current CEO and 6th generation scion of the Hermès legacy. The journey began with a tour through 3 floors of Hermès decadence, which saw 300 privileged guests make their way through this season’s ladies’ and men’s collection, as well as the Hermès Equestrian and Home Collection.

Phototaking station at Hermès, Liat Towers.
Phototaking station at Hermès, Liat Towers.


Hermès has long been praised for its dedication to its art of leather making. In support of the local art scene, Hermès introduces its new dedicated art space coined “Aloft” on its 4th floor. “Aloft” is one of only five art spaces by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès in the world.

"How to disappear into a rainbow." - an exhibition by Dawn Ng
“How to disappear into a rainbow.” – an exhibition by Dawn Ng

Exhibiting at “Aloft” at the moment, is “How to Disappear into a Rainbow“, an inspired exhibit by local artist, Dawn Ng. As you walk through this exhibit, angled walls will have you ‘disappear’ into a maze of elysian shades, as you escape into the minimalist realm amidst the bustle of the city.
More information about this very special exhibit can be found here.

Gaze Beyond

Hermès "Sky Lounge" LED Video Ceiling.
Hermès “Sky Lounge” LED Video Ceiling.

Dreamy light electronic tunes set the tone for the rest of the evening, as guests were invited to lounge upon cozy lazy beach chairs, and gaze upon enigmatic video art, displayed across a custom built ceiling screen. A perfect chance to just kick-up a chair, lounge-back, raise a glass, and toast to the approaching long weekend.

Hermès, Liat Towers at Night
Hermès, Liat Towers at Night
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