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    On the Rise : 5 Brands to look out for

    May 18th, 2017

    Fashion’s Current Direction – Brands making a move.

    Let’s face it: fashion moves fast. With the internet and social media, brands and trends move in and out of the spotlight so quickly, keeping up is no picnic. Today, we use a discerning eye to sieve out and anticipate emerging brands that we think will come to take the stage in time to come. Here’s our 5 Brands to look out for.

    #1 Blue Blue Japan

    Blue Blue Japan‘s tantalisingly simple (and deliciously indigo!) designs get us every time. The label uses traditional Japanese techniques to procure their signature selvedge denim, and only natural indigo. True denim enthusiasts will relish in the tighter weave of BBJ’s fabric, signature to Japanese craftsmanship, that promises that high-contrast patina we all love.

    #2 Oliver Peoples

    Photo Source:
    Robert Downey Jr. (Photo source:


    Simon Baker, 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Photo source:

    Yes, Oliver Peoples has been spotted on many a familiar face- but did you ever recognise it? Known for its beautifully crafted frames and nominal branding, the 1986 label has grown from selling vintage glasses to creating its own elegant line.

    #3 LPA The Label

    Newly launched in 2016, LPA The Label is the unrestrained flourishing of Pia Arrabio’s personal style. Since leaving Reformation, the designer has paired delicate, provocative silk dresses with the authoritative loom of oversized fur coats, truly accentuating the irresistible draw of rogue femininity. From gold embroidered suits to sequinned tops that trace ever curve, we can see just how LPATL was “Inspired by the romance of Italy and the sex appeal of the 70s”.

    #4 Gosha Rubchinskiy

    Gosha Rubchinskiy, Fila collaboration. (Photo source: Refinery29)
    Gosha Rubchinskiy, Fila collaboration. (Photo source: Refinery29)
    Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall '17 Runway. (Photo source:
    Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall ’17 Runway. (Photo source:

    The underground Russian brand has already garnered something of a cult following, with groundbreaking looks every season since it began showing at the ’14 Paris Fashion Week. Drawing inspiration from Soviet Russia and the evolving story of its youths, Rubchinskiy’s edgy, retro look is definitely a trendsetter we’d watch out for.

    #5 Gabriela Hearst

    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:

    Gabriela Hearst grew up on a ranch in Uruguay with her mother, a fifth-generation cattlewoman, and her father, one of Uruguay’s few self-made ranchers. When she got to New York 20 years later, she left behind none of the rustic beauty she’d found in nature then. Her label synchronises perfectly, the calm charm of the country with contemporary city chic, and is definitely one of our top picks.

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    The Crib Ball 2017 – The Empress’s Journey

    April 24th, 2017

    The Annual Crib Ball 2017 – Celebrating strong women, their inspiring stories and their entrepreneurial spirit within.

    CRIB, a social enterprise that empowers women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, co-founder matching and business incubation, will hold their annual CRIB Ball in May this year at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. Come May 3rd at the CRIB Ball 2017, guests can expect to step into a hotel transformed into an evening of exotic sights and delights as guests journey down the Silk Road, and pay homage to the ancient trade route through China, India, Persia and Arabia.

    This spectacular evening will feature a seated dinner, a silent and a live auction of unique experiences and luxury items, and a variety of musical and artistic performances.

    The Crib Ball 2017
    The Crib Ball 2017 (Source: CRIB Singapore)












    At the core of CRIB is a desire to make a positive impact on the community. CRIB Gives Back, the philanthropic arm of CRIB is created in aim to develop programs that help raise funds for causes that benefit society and the disadvantaged.

    For ticketing information, visit: .

    Full event information and to find out how you can be a part of CRIB Singapore, visit CRIB’s Official Website here.

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    Discover Japan’s Cherry Blossoms and Hanami Trails with

    April 11th, 2017

    Japan’s Acclaimed Cherry Blossoms

    Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, specifically Japan’s cherry blossoms. In Japan, many travelers embark on the famed ‘Hanami Trails‘, seeking out the most picturesque walks springtime has to offer.

    We’ve always had a reverence for the sprightly pink of blossoming Sakura, and have compiled a list of must-see trails to make full use of your time in Japan.

    Kanazawa Castle, Osaka

    Osaka Saukra
    Osaka Cherry Blossom (Picture source:
    (Photo Source:
    (Photo Source:

    The renowned Kanazawa Castle gets a complete make-over with the coming of spring. It will take you at least half a day to really explore these magnificent grounds (and have a taste of authentic Osakan food!)

    Hokura Shrine, Kobe

    Hokura Shrine (Photo source:
    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:

    Ueno Park, Hiroshima

    Ueno Park (Photo source:
    (Photo source:

    Itsukushima Shrine (World Heritage Site)

    (Photo source:
    (Photo source:

    These amazing spots are extremely accessible too, as we’ve discovered an exceptional offer for travelling from Singapore to Japan, here. has deals to each of these locations, so you’ll get a taste of the best Hanami trails Japan has to offer.

    Spring has Sprung on Cherry Blossom Deals

    Seasonal deal: Subject to availability

    Travel Period: March – May 2017

    Spring is the quintessential season to experience Japan, lovers and non-lovers alike – the bloom of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms during this period is an iconic and romantic sight for both locals and tourists. It is also the period where Japan cities get absolutely packed. In 2016, a total of 92,700 Singaporeans travelled to Japan during the Sakura season alone. You may be itching to go to the ever-popular Japan for its cherry blossoms, but dread the impending crowds. Not to worry – you can still escape the crowds and get the perfect photos with

    With rooms listed for as low as SGD $38 a night, offers you the best value to enjoy Hanami. Browse through underrated Japanese cities where the cherry blossoms bloom just as beautifully pink – Hiroshima, Kumamoto, and Okayama, and more – and take the best shots without having a crowd behind you.

    Grab the best deals here:

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    12 times in 12 years Tisci impressed us at Givenchy

    February 3rd, 2017

    Riccardo Tisci bids adieu to Givenchy.

    Just into the second month of 2017, a series of top-level moves at internationally renowned houses has surprised the world. Stefan Larsson announced his exit as CEO of Ralph Lauren, Creative Director Clare Waight Keller exited Chloé, Daniella Vitale has become CEO of Barneys New York, and now – this end-week’s headliner – Riccardo Tisci is leaving Givenchy.

    Riccardo Tisci (Photo Source:
    Riccardo Tisci (Photo Source:

    Undoubtedly, since assuming the role of Creative Director at Givenchy in 2005, Tisci’s vision has trended the LVMH-owned label to iconic new heights. In recognition of his many iconic creations, here is COVERED’s round-up of a dozen times Tisci impressed us during his time at Givenchy.

    #1 The Bags

    The Pandora first made its appearance in Givenchy’s FW ’09 collection.

    Above: Beyonce’s Pandora Bag from the Givenchy Fall ’15 Pre-Collection  (Photo Source:, and

    The Antigona first appeared in FW ’10 Ready-To-Wear collection.

    An Givenchy Antigona (Photo Source:

    #2 The Prints

    The Rottweiler

    The Rottweiler as worn by Kanye West, Liv Tyler and Rihanna
    The Rottweiler as worn by Kanye West, Liv Tyler and Rihanna (Photo Source:

    FW ‘11 heard the growl of the first of many Givenchy’s animals- the Rottweiler. In an interview with GQ, Tisci cited the “boy scout look” as inspiration for this revolutionary print. 

    The Shark

    Tinie Tempah in the Givenchy “Shark” sweatshirt from the SS ’14 collection (Photo Source:

    The Skull

    Louis Tomlinson wears Givenchy FW '15 Skull Tee
    Louis Tomlinson wears Givenchy FW ’15 Skull Tee (Photo Source:
    Justin Bieber wears Givenchy FW '15 Skull Hoodie
    Justin Bieber wears Givenchy FW ’15 Skull Hoodie (Photo Source:

    The Bambi

    (Photo Source:
    Givenchy Fall ’13 Bambi Sweater (Photo Source:

    The release of the iconic Bambi print in Fall ’13 was a softer touch, but in no way less impactful.

    #3 Seeing Stars

    Prominent across multiple seasons and featured on multiple mediums, the stars have become almost synonymous with Tisci’s work at Givenchy.

    Givenchy Black Stars & Stripes Contemporary- Fit Shirt from the Pre-Fall '15 Collection (Photo Source:
    Givenchy Black Stars & Stripes Contemporary- Fit Shirt from the Pre-Fall ’15 Collection (Photo Source:

    These sweet pair of Tysons, as seen on Robert Downey Jr., have got us truly seeing stars (Photo Source:, and

    #4 Face Jewels

    Givenchy FW '15 Face Jewels (Photo Source:

    Givenchy FW ’15 Face Jewels  (Photo Source:

    #5 Planes and Paisley


    Just look at the detail on this Pre-Spring ’13 release. The synergy between the curves of the paisley and the formidable silhouette of the fighter planes is simply delectable.

    (Photo Source:, and

    #6 Baby’s Breath 

    Who would’ve known that an understated flower could inspire such a powerful season? We stand in awe of this intricate, yet unbelievably simple design. Here’s a look at Givenchy Baby’s Breath print from their SS ’15 Collection.


    (Photo Credits from left:,, and

    #7 Plane Runway

    Givenchy Plane Runway Photo Source:
    Givenchy Plane Runway Photo Source:

    “The catwalk circled a spectacular installation by artist Paul Veroude: a 1967 French aeroplane painted black and dismantled, with each individual part suspended from the ceiling. The effect was that of a plane having exploded a fraction of a second earlier, before being frozen in a state of suspended animation.” – Florence Trott

    Givenchy SS 15 Paris Menswear Runway Show (Photo
    Givenchy SS ’15 Paris Menswear Runway Show (Photo

    Watch the Givenchy SS ’15 men’s show here.

    #8 Madonna 

    Various adaptations of the Virgin Mary emblazoned onto ties, shirts and jackets has also become a notable look engineered by Tisci.

    From the Givenchy SS ’13 Menswear Collection (Photo Source:

    #9 Haute Couture 

    The Givenchy Haute Couture FW ’10 collection featured incredible embroidery and embellishments on gowns reminiscent of the victorian era.

    From the Givenchy Haute Couture FW ’10 collection (Photo Source:

    #10 The Accessories


    In Givenchy’s AW ’08, Tisci showcased a collection featuring skin-tight black leathers, heavily accessorised with gold crosses. (Photo Source:

    #11 Plaid

    Plaid, done wrong, can look tacky. But not when engineered by Tisci. His love for these red and black checks has given these pieces an extra touch of ingenuity.


    Kanye West (left) wears the Givenchy plaid shirt with gold embellishments from the FW ’11 Runway.  (Photo Source:

    #12 That Dark Ad Campaign Video from FW ’15

    (Written by Michelle Julia, Edited by Nick T.)

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