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Bio: A Singaporean investor, commercial model, beauty queen and philanthropist. Liyann began her commercial modelling career at 16 and later represented Singapore in international beauty pageants in Asia Pacific and in the United States. She has since won several international beauty pageant titles. Liyann is also responsible for founding the International Children Foundation that advocates equal educational opportunities for underprivileged kids.

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    Party with Marc Jacobs & MTV at Cherry Discotheque

    January 13th, 2017

    Get ready to disco on at the Marc Jacobs & MTV Resort ’17 party at Cherry Discotheque.

    The 80’s was a defining era of non-stop glamour, music, television, and culture. Fast forward to three decades later, Marc Jacobs recently unveiled an 80’s kitsch Marc Jacobs & MTV capsule collection as part of its Resort ’17 offering.

    Marc Jacobs & MTV Resort '17 Colletion
    Marc Jacobs & MTV Resort ’17 Collection

    As we arrive at the second weekend of January ’17, we’re getting our fav pair of party footwear on, as we begin to countdown the hours till the Marc Jacobs & MTV party at Cherry Discotheque, Singapore begins.

    Photo Credit: Cherry Discotheque Singapore
    Photo Credit: Cherry Discotheque Singapore

    The brainchild of Earn Chen and Hasnor Sidik, Cherry Discotheque in Singapore evokes a nostalgic 80’s vibe, with neon signs and a chequered dancefloor adding to its retro architecture. Located at the York Hotel, Cherry Discotheque offers cultural-savvy clubgoers with a top-notch blend of Hip Hop sounds. Not to mention, there are our old-school favourites – Pacman and Street Fighter arcade games to fill in those “time-out’ moments at the disco..

    The Marc Jacobs & MTV Resort ’17 Capsule Collection

    Marc Jacobs & MTV Capsule Collection Resort '17
    Marc Jacobs & MTV Capsule Collection Resort ’17

    Bright “electric” neon accents, animal graphic prints, and military-styled silhouettes are emphasised in the 2017 Resort Collection. Acid-washed denim jackets and leather coats come adorned with embellishments and embroidered patches.

    I Want My MTV

    The collection also features statement tees and sweatshirts with the iconic MTV logo on front and centre.

    Blue Sweatshirt and Pink Midi Skirt by Marc Jacobs
    Blue Sweatshirt and Pink Midi Skirt by Marc Jacobs
    Black Sweater with Black Midi Skirt
    Black Sweater with Black Midi Skirt

    Bags from the Marc Jacobs Resort ’17 Collection

    An ongoing highlight in every Marc Jacobs’ collection, the Resort ’17 collection will also showcase a range of youthful and vibrant range of printed patchwork shoulder bags with metal hardware chains and embellished backpacks.

    Bags from the Marc Jacobs Resort '17 Collection
    Bags from the Marc Jacobs Resort ’17 Collection


    Photo Credits: All photos in this article are provided by Marc Jacobs unless otherwise stated.



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    8 Coveted Haute Couture Heels this New Year

    January 11th, 2017

    Put your Best Heels Forward this New Year with our Cinderella-worthy List of Haute Couture Heels of the moment.

    Cinderella is a fairytale ‘testimony’ that a new pair of heels can transform your life. This season, we want you to live that fairytale. Our crew has put together a 2017 Covered Asia guide to this season’s most coveted haute couture heels of the moment to get you off on the right foot. From Christian LouboutinRalph & Russo, Sophia Webster, Dolce & Gabbana, ValentinoSaint Laurent, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo.

    “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

    #8 Saint Laurent

    YSL Heels
    Monogram Heeled Pumps – USD $950 (Available at:

    #7 Sophia Webster

    Evangeline White & Rose Gold – USD $525 (Available at:

    #6 Christian Louboutin

    Follies Strass Heels
    Follies Strass Heels, USD $1,218 (Available at:

    #5 Ralph & Russo

    Ralph & Russo Eden Pump
    Eden Pump – USD $1,900 (Available at:

    #4 Dolce & Gabbana

    Dolce & Gabbana Heels
    Laminated Mary Janes – USD $1,605 (Available at:

    #3 Manolo Blahnik

    Lurum – USD $1,295 (Available at:

    #2 Valentino

    Rockstud Ankle Strap – USD $1,010 (Available at

    #1 Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes
    Cinderella 100 – USD $4,595 (Available at:

    If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true. One shoe can change your life.” – Cinderella

    Get it now! See something you like and want it now? Write to us and let us know at We might well be able to get it for you.

    Price Note: Prices listed are correct at time of publishing.

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    YOUSEF AKBAR – The Designer behind that Chrissy Teigen Dress

    December 22nd, 2016

     #UNCOVERED – Turning Heads: In Conversation with Yousef Akbar

    He has dressed celebrities the world over including Kimbra, Jessica Mauboy, Kelly Osbourne, and most recently Chrissy Teigen. A former sportsperson turned fashion designer with a penchant for challenging the convention of fashion design, Yousef Akbar is undoubtedly one of the most promising young designers to watch in 2017.

    Chrissy Teigen wearing YOUSEF AKBAr at the Andy Roddick Foundation Gala (Photo Source:
    Chrissy Teigen wearing YOUSEF AKBAr at the Andy Roddick Foundation Gala (Photo Source:

    Yousef Akbar: The Resort 2017 Collection

    COVERED:  Tell us about your brand, what does it stands for a and what was your inspiration behind your Resort 2017 collection?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: This collection is inspired by the concept of sustainable and socially responsible couture; it supports women in the developing world, such as the Middle East and India. It offers them opportunities to work and support local artisans and dying crafts.

    The Resort 2017 collection celebrates the courage and strength of women through times of adversity. Growing up in the Middle East, I have witnessed women being oppressed in a male dominated society. It has had a huge impact on me.

    The Resort 2017 Collection by Yousef Akbar
    The Resort 2017 Collection by Yousef Akbar (Photo Credits:

    “I dedicate this collection to all women – the widows, the orphans, the teenagers fighting to get an education, the sexually and physically abused, the brave women fighting and standing up for their rights, revolting against their cultures, challenging the norm in their fight for equality and freedom, by shedding a light on their pain, suffering and struggles they face in their lives.” -Yousef Akbar

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I have researched on revolutions, wars and the destructive effect on cities as well as individuals. I came across multiple stories of women fleeing their homes and becoming refugees. Many whom cross miles on foot and facing death in hope of finding a better life.

    Inspired by these brave women, the main focus of this collection is to challenge convention, by taking classic feminine silhouettes, deconstructing and then reinventing them using innovative and unconventional cutting techniques.

    On Pursuing a Career in Fashion

    COVERED: What inspired you to take the leap of faith to pursue a career in fashion? 

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I would not call it a leap of faith. I do not believe that I took any leaps or anything like that. I simply did what was natural to me and what felt right to do. It was all kind of by chance. For as long as I remember, I was always interested in art, painting and sculpting. I always dream of being an artist. I like to dress differently. I just loved clothes. I was always interested in what people were wearing and desired to be “cool” like them. For years, I remembered being so frustrated by not being able to find anything that I really like in the shops.


    Yousef Akbar
    Yousef Akbar

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I would design my own clothes and deal with local tailors. Unfortunately, they hated the extra work involved in my clothes. They wanted to do conventional everyday blazers, shirts, etc. They would either cancel on me half way or refuse my request. I got fed up. During my last semester of my Master’s degree, I decided to search for courses to make clothes so that I can literally learn how to make a jacket for myself.

    Maasai Medici Dress Couture by Yousef Akbar
    Maasai Medici Dress Couture by Yousef Akbar (Photo Credits:

    On Falling in Love with Fashion & Womenswear 

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I was good at drawing and illustration; I put a portfolio together and applied to TAFE Ultimo Fashion Design Studio in New South Wales, Australia. I could not believe that I was accepted into the school. It is funny because I remembered doing the first assignment where we had to design a few women looks. I was forced to do it as I was not interested in women to wear at the start. The teacher told me that menswear was coming down the track. I asked about tailoring and I was heartbroken to find out that it is a second year subject. I could not believe that I had to pass the first year and make it that long doing womenswear assignments.

    Yousef Akbar Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia
    Yousef Akbar Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (Photo Credits:

    YOUSEF AKBAR: Gradually, I was falling in love with the whole process. I started to really get into womenswear. By the end of the first year, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. It was the perfect medium for myself to express myself and share my point of view.  I also enjoyed the technical aspect of it. From draping to experimenting to finding technical solutions to creative challenges.

    On his journey from a National Tenpin Bowler to becoming a Fashion Designer

    COVERED: Would you like to tell us more about yourself and your journey from a national bowler to a fashion designer? Did you feel there were any road blocks that you faced along your journey?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: No road blocks. I believe if you put your mind and heart into something: nothing can stop you. It is all in the frame of mind that you have. In every challenge, there is a new lesson and an unexpected opportunity.

    Of course, there were restraints such as financial restraints, time and manpower to help my vision come to life. Nevertheless, it is nothing out of the ordinary. I still believe with limitations, creativity flourishes, in a very strange way I see having everything at your finger tips can be paralyzing having all the choices and freedom is like having absolutely nothing.

    Yousef Akbar Jumpsuit
    Yousef Akbar Jumpsuit (Photo Credits:

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I still bowl. It is still a very big part of my life and I believe that everyone will see me bowling internationally soon. Bowling and fashion are the two things that truly make me feel so happy; I feel blessed to not have only one thing but two things that I am passionate about.

    On Chrissy Teigen & the American Music Awards

    COVERED: When Chrissy Teigen wore your dress to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, what was the first thought that came to your mind when you woke up to the news?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I thought to myself, “I couldn’t believe how unlucky I was for someone to design a near identical dress, and Chrissy Teigen wore it.”

    I could not believe that she wore the dress. However, I recalled that the stylist, Monica Rose, took the dress from my PR showroom in LA, and it all clicked. I was overjoyed.

    Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards
    That Yousef Akbar Dress, worn by Chrissy Teigen (Photo Source:

    Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards

    COVERED:  This one’s for aspiring designers out there hoping to be discovered – How did Chrissy Teigan ‘talent spot’ your dress?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: I wouldn’t say Chrissy Teigen talent spotted me. Many designers would work with PR companies who specialize in PR, media, etc. Stylist such as Monica Rose, dresses many major celebrities in Hollywood. She was styling Chrissy Teigen for a few events including the American Music Awards. Monica Rose will head to different PR showrooms and check out what is new and exciting, and would pull pieces for their clients. In my case, NIGHTCAP PR who is my PR in LA did such a fantastic job of targeting the right people for my collection. I am grateful to be working with a great team.

    Chrissy Teigen & John Legend at the American Music Awards
    Chrissy Teigen & John Legend at the American Music Awards

    Words of wisdom to aspiring fashion designers

    COVERED:  What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: Believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it. There will be many who will try and stop you. Use that to motivate yourself to work harder.  Do it for yourself. Do it because you love it not for any other reason. Be true to yourself. Never try and please anyone. Lastly, be nice to everyone.

    Yousef Akbar Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia
    Yousef Akbar Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

    The Future 

    COVERED:  Moving forward, where do you envision yourself in 5 years? Will you be planning for a fashion show for your next collection? Which countries are you planning to expand your fashion line into?

    YOUSEF AKBAR: With fashion the way it is now and with the internet, I dont have any specific place I would like to expand in. However, I hope to strengthen my brands position, create a strong identity, and expand in general globally. I hope to make a difference in terms of contributing back to the people locally and in developing communities, who in many cases have great talent and skills, and rare crafts that are rare and dying, that needs to be supported.

    For more on Yousef Akbar and his collection, check out

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    Behind the Gucci Ghost Capsule Collection

    December 1st, 2016

    Gucci x “Trouble Andrew” – The Gucci Ghost

    Recently available at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, is the much anticipated “Gucci Ghost” capsule collection.  The collection is the brainchild of two veritable artisans in their own right; Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele and former Olympic Snowboarder/ Street Artist, Trevor Andrew. Gucci Ghost is a synchronized duet of quintessential Italian luxury label with the cornerstones of graffiti art and the collection constructs a signature medley of quirky vintage infused with historical references.

    Gucci Boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

    A fortuitous style legend was born on the eve of Halloween – Gucci Ghost. Trevor Andrew, the man behind Gucci Ghost, was an ex-Olympic snowboarder who created an alter ego by dressing up as a ghost using his Gucci bedsheets on Halloween. The athlete with a peculiar obsession with the Italian luxury label, Gucci, slit a pair of holes through his Gucci bedsheets to create his Halloween costume. As Andrew strides down the street of the Big Apple, New Yorkers termed him as The Gucci Ghost.

    Gucci Ghost
    Gucci Ghost (Source:

    Impassioned by his interpretation of the timeless Gucci logo and the insatiable desire to explore new frontiers, Trevor Andrew (#troubleandrew) went jaunting through New York City (NYC) with a spray paint can as his weapon of choice to cover the Big Apple’s walls and dumpsters with his version of the iconic logo.


    The intrepid NYC-based graffiti artist posted the images of his rendition of Gucci’s double G logo pattern onto his personal Instagram using the hashtag #guccighost. To his bewilderment, his artworks were well-received and attracted 26,000 followers with 3,000 posts.

    Rendition of Gucci’s double G logo pattern at Gucci (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)
    Rendition of Gucci’s double G logo pattern at Gucci (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

    #TroubleAndrew’s audacity to choose the road less travelled and break new grounds found himself in an unlikely spot: Gucci’s Milan headquarters. The Gucci Ghost was neither arrested for vandalism nor sued for copyright infringement. Instead, his works captivated the attention of Gucci’s Creative Director – Alessandro Michele.

    Alessandro Michele and Trevor Andrew aka “Trouble Andrew” (Photo Credit: Kevin Tachman)

    In an unanticipated twist of fate, an invitation by Alessandro Michele was extended to the ex-Olympic snowboarder to customize a capsule collection of Gucci’s next product line. The debut of Gucci Ghost by Trevor Andrew was designed with a singular vision of constructing pieces that are deeply rooted in individuality and adorned with graffiti-style flips of the label’s double-G logo.

    Rendition of Gucci’s double G logo pattern
    Rendition of Gucci’s double G logo pattern

    Perhaps, the destruction of luxury is in fact, the driving vehicle that makes NYC-based graffiti pieces so covetable and satisfying for the wearer. Toting a black caviar leather bag may be gratifying, but carrying a bag with a purity ravaged with a vandalized dripping “Double Gs” puts it to a league of its own. The art of vandalizing a treasured piece that is so covetable and pure, takes it to a whole different level. The result is the evocation of a street ethos; “It is my world and I will do whatever I want”.

    What is Gucci? - The defining theme behind the Gucci Ghost collection
    “What is Gucci?” – The defining theme behind the Gucci Ghost collection
    From Left, Samuel Eucharis and Dick Lee at the Launch of Gucci Ghost at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
    From Left: Alan Choo and Dick Lee, at the launch of Gucci Ghost at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
    Guests at the Launch of Gucci Ghost at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
    Guests at the launch of Gucci Ghost at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

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    Benjamin Barker x Fender at Zouk

    November 23rd, 2016

    An Artisanal Night of Fashion and Music

    A synchronized duet of quintessential classic menswear with the cornerstones of music was infused by two endearing artisans in their own rights – Benjamin Barkerand Fender.

    Benjamin Barker x Fender Event at Zouk Singapore
    Benjamin Barker x Fender Event at Zouk Singapore

    “ Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –

    I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference.”

    – Robert Frost,“The Road Not Taken”,1916

    Benjamin Barker's Fall-Winter '16 Collection
    On the runway during the Fall-Winter ’16 Collection

    Impassioned with the desire and inclination to transcend boundaries, break new frontiers, and explore the road less traveled. The Benjamin Barker gentleman is also an intrepid traveler. From sequestered lanes in old Kyoto to the Sahara Desert of Morocco, his love for serendipitous encounters is rivaled only by his innate hunger for adventure.

    Model wearing B by Benjamin Barker and Fender’s award-winning In-Ear Monitors

    Inspired by the insatiable traveler, Benjamin Barker launched their Fall / Winter 2016 collection alongside with Fender’s award-winning In-Ear Monitors. The In-Ear Monitors offer the wearer personal acoustic sanctuaries tuned to deliver aural and intense pleasure. The artistic partnership by the two homegrown labels transcended the glass ceilings and explored new frontier for the worlds of fashion and music.

    Taking Flight 

    Charcoal Buttoned Hoodie and Jet Black Engineered Chinos from the B by Benjamin Barker Collection

    Galvanized by the jetsetter and the man on the move, the brand’s casual collection – B by Benjamin Barker was born. The debut of B by Benjamin Barker was designed with the singular vision of constructing practical and basic apparels without comprising on comfort, style and fit.

    By referencing classic work apparel and delve into its functions, the B by Benjamin Barker collection combines tailoring concepts with technical and modern construction.

    Act 2: The Blues Explorer (music by : Dru Chen) 

    Olive Hooded Parka Jacket with Navy Engineered Jogger Pants from the B by Benjamin Barker collection
    Olive Hooded Parka Jacket with Navy Engineered Jogger Pants from the B by Benjamin Barker collection

    The fashion presentation progresses from featuring urban jet setters to adventure seekers and explorers. Guests at the event experience a world of syncopates blue with sands and khaki colours. The coveted high street model-off-duty look was created by pairing the signature Benjamin Barker blazer with well-tailored basic shirts and chinos.

    Dru Chen Performing at the Benjamin Barker x Fender Event at Zouk Singapore
    Dru Chen Performing

    Act 3: Jazz and Soul (Music by Fender Artiste, Charlie Lim) 

    The final act was by galvanized the music from the Jazz era and dapper gentlemen like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus. In the Jazz era, the dapper gentlemen were the icons of style and soul. The fashion presentation ended with a display of the classic collection of well-tailored blazer, suits and pants in Fall’s key colours.

    Dapper Charcoal Suits from the Benjamin Barker Fall-Winter '16 Collection
    Model wearing Dapper Charcoal Suit from the Fall/Winter ’16 Collection
    Guests at the Event
    From Left: Farisha Ishak, Guest, Munah Bagharib, Hirzi Zulkiflie, Guest, Guest


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    Kellydoscope – The Story of the Hermès Kelly Bag

    October 19th, 2016

    The Hermès Kelly Bag :  The birth of an iconic design.

    At Hermès, every collection tells of an inspirational and sometimes whimsical story. The story of the iconic Hermès Kelly bag is no different. Originally designed as a saddlebag, the Hermès Kelly bag was subsequently redesigned multiple times. Eventually, the Hermès Kelly bag gained popularity with its namesake of today from the glamorous Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly.

    Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco (1956 – 1982)

    The story of the Hermès Kelly bag tells of a Cinderella fairytale behind it. First designed in 1892 as a saddlebag, it was referred to as Haut à Courroies (HAC) due to its high handle design.

    Mystically, the Princess of Monaco and Hollywood actress, Grace Kelly, fell in love with the emblematic bag while it was used as a prop for the film: ‘To Catch a Thief’. The Princess, immersed within the charmed worlds of Hermès, appreciated its purist aesthetic design and eventually procured a number of Hermès bags in various colours.

    Princess Grace Kelly with her Hermès Kelly Bag, accompanied by Prince Rainer

    On one eventful day in 1956, the Princess of Monaco was pounced upon by the paparazzi as she exited from her car. In her defence, Grace Kelly shielded her emerging baby bump from the media with – you guessed it – her Hermès bag. As the birth of the future princess was planned to be a secret from the press , the bag served as a guardian angel to shield Kelly’s unborn princess from the media.

    Princess Grace Kelly arriving at an event with her Hermès Kelly Bag

    Making Its Way onto the Cover of Life Magazine

    The picture made its way onto the cover of the then popularized American lifestyle publication; Life Magazine, which was then circulated worldwide. Through the series of whimsical events, the bag became synonymous with Grace Kelly and was renamed the Kelly bag.

    The popularity of the iconic Hermès Kelly Bag traced back in time

    Celebrities & the Hermès Kelly Bag

    The first Australian Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr (Photo Source:
    Fashion designer, model, and singer (Spice Girls) : Victoria Beckham and her Hermès Kelly Bag (Photo Source:
    Russian investor and journalist: Miroslava Duma (Photo Source:
    Russian investor and journalist: Miroslava Duma and her Hermès Kelly Bag (Photo Source:

     Hermès Kellydoscope Exhibition in Singapore

    Earlier in October, Hermès invites guests in Singapore to step inside a super-sized Kelly bag and discover the charmed worlds of the emblematic Kelly bag.

    Hermès Kelly Bag
    The Giant Hermès Kelly Bag invited guests to watch 3 whimsical clips about the Hermès Kelly Bag


    The giant Hermès Kelly Bag on exhibition in Singapore
    The Giant Hermès Kelly Bag at Ngee Ann City exhibited in Singapore. Guests and the public were invited to watch 3 whimsical clips about the Hermès Kelly Bag inside the bag.

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    PINKTOBER – Hard Rock Hotel Penang Goes Pink for Charity

    September 30th, 2016
    Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

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    FRONT ROW 2016- All Around the World of Fashion

    September 12th, 2016

    A tribute to the best of fashion weeks around the world.

    In celebration of the fashion season, the best from fashion capitals around the world – New York, London, Milan, and Paris – go on show at this year’s FRONT ROW.


    On going from now till the 5th of October 2016, FRONT ROW at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore will pay tribute to the major fashion weeks around the world. From New York (8th to 15th Sept), to London (16th to 20th Sept), Milan (21st to 27th Sept), and Paris (28th Sept to 5th Oct), a series of fashion shows and luxury lifestyle event showcases have been planned throughout the FRONT ROW season.

    The opening show at this year’s FRONT ROW was a star-studded fashion showcase.

    At the epicentre of the fashion festival’s fanfare is the FRONT ROW stage located on the skating rink. The FRONT ROW stage will feature more than 70 brands, all of whom will be holding by-invitation events at the FRONT ROW stag The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Participating brands include Burberry, Coach, Diane von Furstenberg, Ermenegildo Zegna, Kwanpen, Longines, Michael Kors, Mikimoto, Moschino, Repetto, Versace, Uomo Collezioni, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Anne Fontaine, BALLY, Hugo Boss, Boggi Milano, and Braun Buffel,

    Amongst those in attendance at this year’s FRONT ROW opening night, was the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Kenneth Goh

    Mr. John Postle, Vice President of Retail, Marina Bay Sands, said, “As one of Asia’s most celebrated shopping destinations, The Shoppes has an unmatched representation of the world’s most inspiring and renowned brands. We are privileged to work closely with our distinguished retail partners to bring our shoppers all the excitement and a glimpse into the world of fashion weeks – right here in Singapore.

    FRONT ROW 2016 is on now thru till 5th October ’16
    Style icon, Yoyo Cao attending the Repetto event at FRONT ROW 2016
    Style icon, Yoyo Cao attending the Repetto event at FRONT ROW 2016

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    K-Fashion: A Closer Look at Fashion’s New Sorority — Seoul

    August 31st, 2016

    Korea and the Business of Fashion.

    Riding on the phenomenal wave of  “Hallyu”, or “The Korean Wave”, Asia’s fourth largest economy (South Korea) is climbing the ranks to break into the world’s top fashion league alongside that of London, Paris, New York and Milan. This is the rise of K-Fashion.

    In the past decennium, ‘Brand Korea’ has been positioned at the lion’s share of crossroads where Korean pop music (K-pop), television dramas (K-dramas) and Korean fashion (K-fashion) collide to form a nebulous #swag factor.

    Seen at Seoul Fashion Week '15
    Seen at Seoul Fashion Week ’15 (Photo Source:

    The “Hallyu” wave (coined to depict the rising popularity of Korean entertainment) has taken the world by storm; K-fashion is now fashion’s new sorority and she seems to have the right recipe for her rapid expansion plans to break into the international fashion league.

    Ordinary People fashion show at the Seoul Fashion Week FW ’16 (Photo Source:

    According to The Korea Herald, it has been reported that South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, or MOTIE, announced its plan to invest about $27 million into South Korea’s fashion industry. That is just the icing on the cake; The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has invested 484 billion won ($413 million) to transform the capital city (neo-futurist landmark Dongdaemun Design Plaza) into the fashion hub of Asia. Dongdaemun Design Plaza is now home to Seoul Fashion Week.

    Donghaemum Design Plaza
    Donghaemum Design Plaza (Photo Source:

    The rising star in the international fashion arena has been scouted by L Capital (private equity fund sponsored by the LVMH Group and Groupe Arnault); LVMH’s L Capital capitalised on the opportunity to ride on the Korea’s wave by investing in YG Entertainment Inc (the manager K-pop stars such as Taeyang, G-Dragon, Sandara and CL) and partnered with Cheil Industries to form a new fashion brand: Nonagon.

    Lalisa Manoban of Girl Kpop Group, Black Pink, for Nonagon
    Lisa “Lalisa” Manoban of Kpop Girl Group Black Pink, for Nonagon

    To weave the market more tightly and help Korean design houses and fashion designers enter into the Southeast Asian market, leading South Korean fashion brands, including the likes of Lucky Chouette, Rocket X Lunch, WORKWEAR, Jucy Judy, Lapalette, and Nohant have been launched on Asia Pacific’s leading online fashion destination — ZALORA.

    ZALORA Loves K-Fashion

    Models at the ZALORA Loves K Fashion Event
    Models at the ZALORA Loves K Fashion Event

    ZALORA Singapore commemorated a night of “Hallyu” with a curated fashion show of 16 premium Korean labels. The launch ceremony and fashion show was held at The Blue Room at The Arts Houseearlier this month, which was attended by Southeast Asian fashion journalists and influencers.

    As an attempt to infuse fashion and technology, models for the fashion showcase were adorned with wearable technology, such as Samsung’s Gear Fit2, and high street fashion.

    Models with Samsung's Gear Fit2 3
    Models with Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 at the ZALORA Loves K Fashion event

    ZALORA Group is Asia Pacific’s leading group of online fashion destinations. Founded in 2012, the company has a presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. ZALORA is part of Global Fashion Group – the world’s leader in online fashion for emerging markets. ZALORA Group’s localized sites offer an extensive collection of top international and local brands and products across apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories for men and women. ZALORA Group is the online shopping destination with endless fashion possibilities.

    Mediacorp Art Director, Auston Cai snapping selfies with guests.

    In a summary of the K-fashion industry, we note that it is the intangible assets (‘Brand Korea’) that are inflating the fundamental values above any tangible number found on a financial spreadsheet. Needless to say, K-fashion’s move into Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is an intelligent move that is poised to capture a lion’s share of the fashion pie in the international arena. A report by Google and Temasek (Singapore sovereign wealth fund) has projected Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market to expand at an annualised rate of 32 percent over the next decade; it will hit US$88 billion in 2025, which is 16 times its previous size in 2015.

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    COVETELLA Turns 1 in Glamorous Fashion

    August 18th, 2016

    COVETELLA celebrated their first anniversary with a night of Cinderella-esque glamour at the New Asia Bar in Singapore on earlier this month.

    The team at COVETELLA.
    The team at COVETELLA

    Held a staggering 71 storeys high at the New Asia Bar at Swissotel Singapore was transformed into a Cinderella’s dream closet with the panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline as the backdrop.

    Designer dresses lined the walls and couture gowns by Singaporean designers (Jessica Cindy and Danny L) glittered from the VIP balconies to the dance floor.

    Notable guests who attended COVETELLA’s first year anniversary: Lisa Marie White (Miss Singapore Universe), Ann Teoh (Tatler’s Best Couture Designer), and Olivier Burlot (CEO of Heart Media).

    The anniversary ball was graced by Hanli Hoefer (MTV VJ), Sofia Dendroff (Television Actress), Karan Tilani (World of Diamonds Head of Asia), Cecilia Leong ­Faulkner (British Theatre Playhouse Founder), Peter Kennedy (Burda Executive Chairman), Johannes See (Founding Director at COM3 Singapore) Aaron Tan (Creative Director at COM3 Singapore), and Nick T. (Managing Director at COVERED Asia).

    CEO and Founder, Carol Chen, addressed the guests with an inspiring speech:

    “Once upon a time there was a little girl that was super shy and a bit awkward. She had thick glasses and nerdy braces, but once she put on a pretty dress, she felt like she could conquer the world. That little girl was me, and ever since I’ve wanted to create more reasons for women to dress up, and empower them by helping them look and feel beautiful. Because a beautiful woman is a happy woman, and confident one is an unstoppable one.”


    Guests at COVETELLA's 1st Anniversary
    Guests at COVETELLA’s 1st Anniversary (from left: Nick T. – MD at Covered Asia, Gursheel Dhillon – MD at Vanilla Luxury, Carol Chen – Founder of COVETELLA, Olivier Burlot – CEO at L’Officiel Singapore, Guest and Subaish Rajamanickam – Events Director at Creative Insurgence)

    When we asked Carol about her inspiration behind COVETELLA, she offered us a heartfelt recount of a conversation she once shared with her mum, “One day my mom asks, ‘What are you going to do with all these dresses sitting in your closet?’ Because like most women, I don’t wear half the stuff I own and I don’t own half the stuff I want. So that’s when I decided to create COVETELLA — a curated marketplace where you can enjoy hundreds of dresses for a fraction of the price, as well as share your own to make some extra cash. Good for your wallet and good for the environment.”

    The COVETELLA Ball at New Asia Bar, Swissotel Singapore
    The COVETELLA Ball at New Asia Bar, Swissotel Singapore

    Founded in 2015, COVETELLA is Singapore’s premier online dress rental destination, providing every woman with an infinite dream closet right at her fingertips. The website features a curated selection of designer dresses and accessories from all over the world, all of which can be enjoyed for a fraction of the price and delivered the same day. COVETELLA also allows women to rent out their own dresses, monetizing their wardrobes while maximizing closet space.

    Today, COVETELLA is positioned as a pioneer in sustainable fashion and provides the ultimate Cinderella experience for the modern woman.

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