L’OFFICIEL Singapore 10th Anniversary Celebrations at Zouk

About that L’OFFICIEL Singapore Rated-X Party at Zouk last week.

Constantly on the frontier of fashion and opulence, L’Officiel Singapore’s 10th anniversary party was one of the hottest of the year. From Swarovski crystal-emblazoned black carpet to Lamborghinis and sizzling pole-dancing performances, the ‘Rated-X’ theme definitely punctuated the event, held at Singapore’s new Zouk Club.

L’OFFICIEL Singapore’s 10th Anniversary

Swarovski Crystal-Emblazoned Black Carpet

Red-carpets are way over-rated. Instead, L’Officiel Singapore’s X-Rated party sported a dazzling Swarovski crystal-emblazoned black carpet with a shimmering colossal “X” statue at its arrival grounds. Their anniversary issue this March, also marks the debut of the all new “L’Off Squad” comprising of Sonya Davison, Tabitha Nauser, Tan Min-Li, Calista Cuaca, Natalia Ng, Karisa Sukamto and Rozz Lee.

The “L’Off Squad” Debutants

The Lamborghini Bulls Ride In.

A convoy of Lamborghinis ferried the L’Off Squad to the event and a myriad of stations were lineup for the guests: Alessia Landi’s live illustrations, beauty makeover counter by Clinique, DIY scent bar by Oo La Lab, fresh juices from Joe & The Juice, ice-cold beers from Heineken.

Lamborghinis ferried the L’Off Squad to the grounds of the  L’Officiel 10th Anniversary celebrations

Capture Your Scent in a Bottle at the Oo La Lab Counter 

Appeasing the senses – The Ooh La La fragrance counter was a pleasing hit

Individualism on a full display. There is nothing more intriguing than crafting your very own personalised scent in a bottle. Breaking beauty rules, Oo La Mixologist worked with guests to design their very own bespoke hand-crafted fragrances. At Oo La Lab in Singapore, you may formulate your personalised glass bottle with your name or customised message printed on the label. Capture your scent in a bottle.

Plump up for a night of seduction at the beauty makeover counter by Clinique  

lofficiel-10th-anniversary-2To gear up for a night for ‘X-Rated’ seduction, L’Officiel’s guests were extended invitations to the beauty counter by Clinique to plumper up their luscious lips. Seductive red hot lips spells for a sizzling night ahead.

Alessia Landi’s Illustrations


A portrait on paper. One of the best gifts in the world is not in the material object that one can buy, but in the memories that we make with the people with love. The best part is to have memories and expressions captured on paper. Alessia Landi’s live illustrations of the guest captures memories, emotions, details and beauty of the human. L’Officiel‘s guests were treated to Alessia Landi’s live illustrations of themselves with runway looks from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Tabitha Nauser


Tabitha Nauser slayed the crowd with her live performance of her single ‘Bulletproof’ and Natalia entertained the guests with her songs.

The Brass Barre


The Brass Barre displayed a myriad of provocative Rated X moves on the pole; the pole-dancing performance literally blew the crowd away.


For the full story and more pictures from this epic fashion event of the year, check out www.lofficielsingapore.com/rated-x-10th-anniversary-party/l-officiel-singapore-10-anniversary-rated-x-party-2017-event-pictures

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