Ascend New Heights of Luxury with a $13.8M Trip Around the Globe

Passport To 50: DreamMaker’s $13.8 Million Dollar Trip around the World.

What would you buy for $13.8 million dollars ? A mansion? A fleet of sports cars? How about a trip around the world on a privately fitted Boeing 767 created by experimental travel boutique, DreamMaker? Coined the Passport To 50, this trip is currently being offered at $13,875,000 for up to 50 people. Travel date is currently slated for August of 2017. DreamMaker has styled as a milestone celebration for the ultra-high net worth and their friends and family. It will also be the first of its kind to circumnavigate the globe, covering a total of 50,000 kilometres in the air.

The luxurious Interior of The Passenger To 50

Passport To 50 begins in Koh Samui and continues through Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Agra, Florence, Siena, Cannes, Moulinet, London, Barcelona, Ibiza, Marbella, Marrakech, Havana, Knoxville, Kona, El Nido, A Secret Island, before concluding in Manila.

Sleeping Quarters Aboard The Passenger to 50
Sleeping Quarters Aboard The Passenger To 50

The Experience

Let us first address the immediate pertinent question surrounding this opulent cruise across the heavens – what highlights can one expect. Perhaps a $500,000 charity poker tournament with a world’s top-ranked poker player? Or inflight yoga sessions and fashion shows? The answer in fact, is focused on ensuring that on board guests can be in their most relaxed state of mind and body as possible. DreamMaker has appointed hypnotherapist April Norris develops a holistic program that integrates both wearable sleep technology and alternative wellness techniques.  Additionally, guests will be waited on and pampered by a one to one guest to staff ratio. These staff members have been handpicked for their respective excellence in their respective fields.

The Trinket

$20,640 swizzle sticks by World of Diamonds
$20,640 swizzle sticks exclusively crafted by the World of Diamonds

Most noteworthy of all the onboard amenities on this journey, is the set of 50 18-karat gold swizzle sticks worth a total of $1 million dollars, each adorned with white and blue diamonds. Crafted by the World of Diamonds Group, these swizzle sticks took 3 dedicated designers and master craftsmen nearly 630 hours to make. Weighing in at nearly 26 grams, each swizzle stick comes with nearly 5 times more 18-karat gold than the average wedding ring. Adorned with 20 colourless diamonds (each representing every city that Passport To 50 will land in), the crowning piece on each swizzle stick is a rare 0.11 carat fancy blue diamond that sits atop each swizzle stick.

The Beneficiaries

In addition, the Passport To 50 experience directly benefits children around the world through Experiential Giving. This includes the distribution of 2,500 bicycles to enable rural children in Cambodia to attend school, the provision of clean drinking water for 50,000 at-risk children in the Philippines, as well as the building of “fun centers” for 50,000 children battling life-threatening illnesses in the United Kingdom.

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To find out more about this privileged once in a lifetime trip, visit the official trip website here – .

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