YSNEAKERS: World’s Largest Range of Full Custom Luxury Sneakers

Team behind Diamond Walker Launches Sneaker Customiser with 5 Sextillion Design Combinations.

In 2012, we learned of a passionate pack of gentlemen in Singapore who were on a mission to stretch the imagination of shoe lovers everywhere. Offering an unmatched selection of bespoke shoe options and design possibilities, Diamond Walker set the initial benchmark in bespoke shoemaking. Fast forward to today, the same enthusiastic team now unveils yet another milestone offering; the world’s largest range of fully customisable luxury sneakers online – YSNEAKERS.

Work Appropriate Sneakers
Work Appropriate Sneakers by YSNEAKERS

#UNCOVERED – Over coffee with Conrad Chua of YSNEAKERS

YSNEAKERS - Sneakers for both him and her
YSNEAKERS – Luxury Sneakers for both him and her

COVERED:  Congrats on your amazing success on Kickstarter. I hear you guys had YSNEAKERS fully funded within 15 hours of going “live”!  

So, YSNEAKERS and your obsession for shoes? What has been the inspiration behind custom kicks?

CONRAD: Our obsession for shoes arose from the frustration from years of not finding good-looking quality shoes that fit really well.

As an individual and a shoe-lover, I was frustrated by the lack of range and customisation options offered in the market or being charged a high premium if they do offer them – mostly because of brand heritage or lack of production capability. Because many of the good shoes are from European brands, they tend to cater for Caucasian feet which tend to be narrow and long, and they don’t fit very well on Asian feet which tend to be broader and shorter. They thus may look beautiful but lack comfort and cost a lot. Some popular shoe brands which are made to be very comfortable have designs which are not as aesthetic as I would like them to be, and are usually made of poor quality materials as they were more for mass production.

I felt that there was a gap in the market for handmade shoes that could offer the best of both worlds. So thus Diamond Walker bespoke shoes was born – to bring the best of affordable luxury, full customisation, comfort and a wide range of designs beyond what other bespoke brands offer.

We pride ourselves on being more in tune with today’s fashionable male and their changing tastes than most bespoke shoe brands which have not changed much in their outlook, with hundreds of years of tradition, but ironically tied down by their heritage baggage, restricting them to classic shoe designs and a shoe-making ideology that has not changed for hundreds of years.

YSNEAKERS was created to address a market segment outside of our bespoke services in Singapore, with the made-to-measure aspect replaced by standard shoe sizes but with the exciting full-customisation aspect given to our casual range of footwear – sneakers!

YSNEAKERS offer 5 sextillion customizable design combinations
YSNEAKERS Offer 5 Sextillion Customisable Design Combinations

COVERED:  So 5 Sextillion designs (that’s a “5” followed by 21 zeroes)? That’s a lot! Personally, which leather skins are your favourite, and how hard are they to procure?

CONRAD: Yeah, we too were so astounded by the sheer number of the combinations offered, that we had to have independent verification by different people good with numbers because there were so many zeroes involved!

My personal favourites are the exotic skins, namely the python (read on to check out Conrad’s favourite pair). These can be harder to procure because you need to find two different snakes with more or less similar scale sizes to match up both sides of the sneakers.

We also have some brilliantly-coloured calfskin that would make some parts of the YSNEAKERS to stand out!

YSNEAKERS offers the world's largest range of fully customisable luxury sneakers online
YSNEAKERS offers the world’s largest range of fully customisable luxury sneakers online

COVERED: So about unveiling of the world’s largest range of fully customisable luxury sneaker online,  this is an obvious winner for sneaker-heads everywhere, but will orders placed online be trackable each step of the production and delivery process?

CONRAD: All YSNEAKERS customers will certainly be kept informed of the status of their YSNEAKERS up to delivery!

Delivery time to your doorstep for each pair of YSNEAKERS is between 4 to 6 weeks
Delivery time to your doorstep for each pair of YSNEAKERS is between 4 to 6 weeks

COVERED: Ok, so which so far has been your favourite pair? Do show us.

This pair of python snake skin YSNEAKERS is Conrad's favourite pair
This pair of python snake skin YSNEAKERS is Conrad’s favourite pair

COVERED:What makes this one so special?

CONRAD: Nothing says luxe like exotic skins! This pair of python YSNEAKERS is da bomb!


Conrad Chua is the Chief Marketing Officer for DIAMOND WALKER and YSNEAKERS.

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