People & Brands – 5 Iconic Fashion Moments of 2016

Here’s our recap of 5 Iconic Fashion Moments of 2016. 

Take a moment and look back at the year behind us. Yes, there were shockers, and there were many upsets. But as with each passing year, there were many a moment that inspired us to think forward on what new and exciting advancements the coming years would unveil. And so on this day, the first TGIF of 2017, we bring you a recap of 5 iconic fashion moments of 2016:

#5 Vogue Paris: Karl Lagerfeld & Lily Rose Depp Dec/Jan ’17 Cover

Karl Lagerfeld & Lily Rose Depp on the cover of VOGUE Paris Dec '16 / Jan'17 Cover
Karl Lagerfeld & Lily Rose Depp on the VOGUE Paris Dec ’16 / Jan’17 Cover. (Photo Credits: Hedi Slimane. Photo Source:

VOGUE Paris ends off 2016 with one of its most momentous covers ever, with Lily-Rose Depp & Karl Lagerfeld gracing its front page. 

Lily Rose Depp for CHANEL No. 5 (Photo Source:
Lily-Rose Depp for CHANEL No. 5 (Photo Source:

The 17-year old actress, Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of celebrated actor Johnny Depp, and is also currently the face of Chanel No. 5. She shares this cover with the iconic German fashion designer, artist and photographer, Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld.

Stepping behind the camera to capture the duo is yet another icon. The photographer held responsible for this momentous cover is non other than former Saint Laurent creative director, Hedi Slimane.

#4 The “Big” Unveil – Raf Simons’ Debut Date For Calvin Klein Announced

Current Creative Director for Calvin Klein, Raf Simons
Current Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein, Raf Simons (Photo Source:

Since his departure from Christian Dior in October 2015, the fashion industry has been eagerly anticipating the re-emergence of one Raf Simons. Reputed for his magical creative touch in furniture and fashion design, Raf Simons was subsequently announced as the Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein in August last year.

“Not since Mr. Klein himself was at the company has it been led by one creative visionary, and I am confident that this decision will drive the Calvin Klein brand and have a significant impact on its future. Raf’s exceptional contributions have shaped and modernised fashion as we see it today and, under his direction, Calvin Klein will further solidify its position as a leading global lifestyle brand.”  – CEO  of Calvin Klein, Steve Shiffman


In November last year, Calvin Klein revealed that Raf Simons’ much anticipated debut collection with Calvin Klein will take place on 10 February 2017 at the New York Fashion Week. His first collection will feature women’s and men’s ready-to-wear. Joining the trends set by the likes of Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Burberry, Calvin Klein plans to switch to a unisex show format from the next season on.

#3 From Fashion Runways to Shoppable Collections – Burberry reinvents retail shopping

Burberry reinvents fashion retail with its shoppable fashion runway collection .(Photo Source:
Burberry reinvents fashion retail with its shoppable fashion runway collection .(Photo Source:

In September last year, British luxury fashion house, Burberry, transformed its fashion runway into a shoppable collection at the New York Fashion Week. From catwalks to checkouts, customers had the privilege to purchase the coveted designer pieces straight away as it appeared on the runway, remotely from their own computer or mobile device.

“If you go back 100 years, catwalks used to be small, private events that brand put on to show buyers, and eventually the press and clients, what they were doing. It can be argued that the catwalk has now become a platform to speak to customers, rather than the industry,”  Graeme Moran, head of content at the fashion-retail-industry publication, Drapers

#2 Gigi Hadid wins “International Model of the Year” award at the 2016 British Fashion Awards

Gigi Hadid wearing Atelier Versace at the 2016 Teen Vogue Awards (Photo Source:
Gigi Hadid wearing Atelier Versace at the 2016 British Fashion Awards (Photo Source:

Gigi Hadid has had a laudable year in 2016 – from strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway, hosting the American Music Awards, becoming a “chart topper” with the most gained followers on Instagram, to bagging home the “International Model of the Year” award at the 2016 British Fashion Awards. Presenting this award to one deserving Gigi Hadid on the evening, was fashion icon, Donatella Versace.

According to Vanity Fair, Donatello had commented,

“She’s  (Gigi Hadid) fearless. She’s funny. She’s a new icon of the 21st century.”

Gigi afterward, graciously thanked her supporters at the British Fashion Awards 2016 by saying: “To everyone, who has been so genuine, and looked beyond what the rest of the world looked for, that has meant so much to me. You guys know who I am, and that to me means so much, so thank you for inspiring me, and for teaching me to look beyond — and for being the most amazing industry I could ever ask to be a part of; you guys are a dream come true. So thank you so much.”

#1 Yousef AkbarThe Designer behind “that” Chrissy Teigen Dress

Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards
Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards

Topping our list of 5 Iconic Fashion Moments of 2016, is how the world of fashion learnt of Yousef Akbar’s designs. In December last year, we featured a talented Yousef Akbar who was responsible for Chrissy Teigen’s eye-catching dresses worn at the 2016 American Music Awards. Yousef’s Resort 2017 collection dresses were so eye-catching in fact, that Chrissy found herself making headlines all around the world following a controversial wardrobe malfunction of sorts.

Nevertheless, it was a blessing in disguise for the young Sydney-based fashion designer, Yousef Akbar. Following the “unveiling” of his designs in 2016, Yousef has since received much media exposure for his Resort 2017 collection, which according to Yousef, aims to celebrate the courage and strength of women through times of adversity.

Chrissy Teigen wearing YOUSEF AKBAR at the Andy Roddick Foundation Gala (Photo Source:
Chrissy Teigen wearing YOUSEF AKBAR at the Andy Roddick Foundation Gala (Photo Source:

“I dedicate this collection to all women – the widows, the orphans, the teenagers fighting to get an education, the sexually and physically abused, the brave women fighting and standing up for their rights, revolting against their cultures, challenging the norm in their fight for equality and freedom, by shedding a light on their pain, suffering and struggles they face in their lives.” -Yousef Akbar

Yousef Akbar
Yousef Akbar

For more about Yousef Akbar and his collections, check out our exclusive interview with him here.

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