Tribute to a King – The first of the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION Unveiled.

Step back in history; a hundred and forty-two years ago. A remarkable blend of the finest tipples was crafted for the first time. Yet throughout the course of time and change, the maison responsible for celebrating the lives of the most distinguished, continues to remain true to staunch traditions up-kept by its cellar master, Baptiste Loiseauup to this very day. Today, the maison commemorates the origin of that dream, with the unveiling of the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION : The Origin – 1874 in Singapore.

A close of the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION " The Origin - 1874 "
A closer look at the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION : The Origin – 1874


Within the crystal walls of each decanter, contains a distinctively crafted, delicate blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie; the youngest of which comes in with a maturity of 40 years. The select grapes of choice, are sourced from the coveted Grand Champagne region.

LOUIS XIII Time Collection Launch - The Origin 1874

Paying homage to its origins, the decanter used here will feature 13 dentelle spikes on each side, instead of the usual 10 that LOUIS XIII is accustomed to. Also unique to the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION’s : The Origin – 1874, is a unique decanter stopper, shaped like an inverted decanter, with the brand’s iconic fleur-de-lis stamped on its top.

“When it comes to LOUIS XIII, some refer to it as the King of Cognacs. I however, know it as the Cognac of Kings.” –  LOUIS XIII Asia Director, Vincent Géré

The Singapore Launch of the The Origin – 1874

The much anticipated LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION : The Origin – 1874 was unveiled for the first time in Singapore earlier this month at Goodwood Park Singapore.

Here are some of the esteemed guests in attendance on the evening.

Elizabeth Hsu
Elizabeth Hsu
Mr & Mrs Victor Ow
Mr & Mrs Victor Ow
From Left: Guest, Guest, Wendy & Mark Poh
From Left: Kimihisa & Kyoko Abe, Wendy & Mark Poh
Dr. & Mrs Calvin Chan
Dr. & Mrs Calvin Chan
Choo Ken-Yi & Stephanie Lee
Dato’ Dr. Grace Khong
LOUIS XIII Asia Director Vincent Géré, with Guests and Angela Ng (far right) taking a closer look at The Origin – 1874

Retail Info

Recommended Sale Price SGD $7,560 at time of publishing

” The Origin – 1874 ”, is the first edition in the LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION. For purchase queries, contact the Singapore LOUIS XIII Private Client Director, Chris Kwek at Chris.Kwek@louisxiii-cognac.com .

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