Inside the Largest Super Car Vending Machine in Southeast Asia

Is this Southeast Asia’s largest super car vending machine?

Singapore could now be home to what has been quipped by the building’s owners as the largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia. The newly built Autobahn Motors (ABM) building has caught the attention and imagination of many car enthusiasts and its neighbours alike, with its automotive super car inventory showcase which prominently illuminates its heartland skyline after dark.

AIMS by Autobahn Motors is located in sunny Singapore.
AIMS by Autobahn Motors is located in Singapore. (Source: Gary Hong, ABM)

Down memory lane with Autobahn Motors, owners of the ABM Building

Back in the 90’s when my parents brought me to Newton Circus for dinner on the weekends, I would always keenly look out for the collection of cars at Autobahn Motor’s lots along the way.  From 70’s Combi vans, to Rolls Royces from the 50’s and 60’s, and line ups of Ferraris, a diverse range of luxury and exotic cars would always be on display. The truth is, the Autobahn Motors showroom contributed as much as my love for cars as my father did.

However, now there is a new way they are going to capture the interest of people (if the current generation could just take their eyes off their phone for a second). Autobahn Motor’s new ABM building at No.20 Jalan Kilang is an eye-catching spectacle to behold.

An Alternative Solution to Parking Efficiency

Realizing the problem with parking management in Singapore, the owners at Autobahn Motors spent almost 3 years conceptualizing this facility and now, the ABM Building offers a storage capacity of 60 exotic, vintage and super cars, as well as multiple event spaces. Today, Autobahn Motor’s new ABM facility sets the standard in car showroom displays. The ABM building is quipped to perhaps be the largest super car “vending machine”. The tablet controlled automated system is known as AIMS. AIMS stands for Automotive Inventory Management System, and is the brainchild of Gary and Jack Hong, who own Autobahn Motors.

“AIMs could possibly be the largest super car vending machine.” – quip Gary and Jack Hong, owners of Autobahn Motors

AIMS is essentially a car inventory, retrieval and display system which is fully controlled by a tablet. Utilizing a unique fish-bone system, retrieval of a car from the very top shelf of ABM’s building takes well under two minutes.

Inside the AIMS Car Lift
Inside the largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia – the AIMS car lift

Inside AIMS by Autobahn Motors

We recently had the privilege to have been amongst the very first to be invited down to the new ABM showroom by co-owner, Gary Hong.  Here was how our tour unfolded:

  • Arriving at the facility, car buyers would be ushered into a viewing gallery. Inside, lies a cozy AV presentation area, with bay windows on the right and left.
  • Seated on the plush leather couch, you are invited to make your choice of car to view.
  • With the selection made, the lights in the gallery come to a dim, and an official promotional video of the car is played.
  • As the video ends, programmed studio lights are cast onto the car retrieved. Your selection presented as a large turn table disc plate rotates it toward you.
The largest super car vending machine in Southeast Asia can park up to 60 super cars
AIMS is capable of parking up to 60 super cars

Author’s Afterword

Pretty damn nifty in my opinion. The novelty will definitely take quite some time to wear off on me.

The level of interest which the owners of Autobahn Motors took to bring this to life is truly commendable. From brainstorming, system designs, to system trials, the man hours put into this project is testament to Autobahn Motor’s passion for cars and what the industry means to them. As an avid car lover and owner myself, I strongly relate to that.

From all of us at COVERED ASIA, thank you Autobahn Motors for giving us something great to admire, as well as piloting the idea of an efficient automated parking system of the future.

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