Rémy Martin unveils new look of the iconic Rémy Martin XO

#Tastes – The New Look of The Iconic Rémy Martin XO

Set along Rochester drive, is a black and white colonial bungalow, now remodeled as a postmodern dining concept named DW Workshop. There,  La Maison Rémy Martin’s youngest cellar master to date, Baptiste Loiseau unveiled the new look of the iconic Rémy Martin XO. The unveiling was a one day pop up experience, offering friends of Rémy Martin an insight into the fine French Cognac’s heritage and opulence. The guests were treated to a sensory adventure, an almost step by step appreciation course to fully unlock the flavours and decadence that is contained in a bottle of Rémy Martin XO.

The Rémy Martin "Opulence Revealed" showcase
The Rémy Martin DW Workshop

The Teasing of Senses

Guests were first treated to a selection between Rémy Martin V.S.O.P in the form of a refreshing ginger and lime aperitif, and the CLUB variant, neat or on ice. Guests then had a hand in crafting a customized scent according to their preferences. The Art of Blending session allowed the guest to thus draw on the similarities of the crafting of aromas for both perfumes and cognacs.

The exquisite tasting table by Rémy Martin
The exquisite tasting table by Rémy Martin

The Taste Pairing

Guests were later brought to a tasting to the luxurious cognac, directed by Baptiste, with a pairing of a sumptuous array of rich dark chocolate, honey, buttery figs, orange marmalade, honey, walnuts, gingerbread, pistachio cakes, macarons, cinnamon sticks and more, all set on a table with a certain Harry Potter-esque feel to it. 

The newly released Rémy Martin XO is available at the retail price of SGD388.
The newly released Rémy Martin XO is available at the retail price of SGD $388

The Details

The new carafe reveals the hidden depths of the XO. Its contemporary and treasured design illustrates the profound elegance and startling luminosity of the blend. Each indentation, just like each eau de vie, contributes in creating a rich, sumptuous, finish equaling more than the sum of its parts. The very silhouette of the carafe mirrors the House philosophy. The pyramidal form resembles the most sought after terroirs of Cognac: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne where the legend of Rémy Martin was born.

The centaur logo
]Rémy Martin was also an avid astronomer. He chose the centaur logo also because his star sign is Sagittarius

The Experience

Upon taking a gentle sniff of Rémy Martin XO, one will exprience sultanas, almost ripe grapes, vanilla and a hint of sherry. The overall taste of the XO is rich and spicy. However, on closer examination, one can detect cinnamon, cloves, drying tannins and also, surprisingly, some form of cooling menthol. The finish of the XO is rich, woody and one that lingers.
The newly released Rémy Martin XO is available at the retail price of SGD $388.

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