Cointreau Blood Orange Debuts in Singapore: A Fresh New Expression

#Tastes – The New Cointreau Blood Orange

La Maison Cointreau has unveiled a sensual new expression, the Cointreau Blood Orange in the celebrated House style. This month, Cointreau Blood Orange premieres in Singapore, complementing the existing Cointreau range of Cointreau and Cointreau Noir.

The Cointreau Blood Orange is now available in Singapore
The Cointreau Blood Orange is now available in Singapore

When one says blood orange, one might imagine a liquor of a shocking crimson colour. However, yet the Blood Orange is completely natural and clear. The blood orange peel is distilled with those of Cointreau’s trademark sweet and bitter oranges which results in a luxurious bouquet of extremely fruity head notes that later gently flows into a whisper of zest and citrus.

The Cointreau Blood Orange offers rich fruity head notes, with hints of zest and citrus
The Cointreau Blood Orange is a natural and clear liquid, made from Corsica blood oranges

Created by former Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais, the Blood Orange is a bold variation that uses blood oranges from Corsica. However, these blood oranges are only harvested when their peels have the highest concentration of oils which thus results in its powerful citrus notes.

Cointreau Blood Orange
The Cointreau Blood Orange is a harmony of extremely fruity head notes, and hints of zest and citrus

“I have put all my passion and dedication into creating the Blood Orange expression of Cointreau. The interplay of three orange varieties creates a profoundly rewarding complexity of taste. This is a spirit of exquisite fullness. Its natural brio offers a vibrant new twist on the classic, inimitable Cointreau signature,” attests Bernadette Langlais, former Master Distiller at La Maison Cointreau

In every step of her creation, Bernadette Langlais has remained true to the Cointreau craftsmanship. This can be experienced through the harmony one feels when partaking in Cointreau Blood Orange. It also becomes clear that the Blood Orange is not an extension of Cointreau, but a new expression.

Bernadette Langlais, former Master Distiller at La Maison Cointreau
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