Dazzling Cafe – A Dazzling New Asian Fusion Menu

Dig in to Dazzling Café Mint’s New Hearty Main Courses at Capitol Piazza

Thai Tom Yum Seafood Rigatoni (SGD $21)
Thai Tom Yum Seafood Rigatoni (SGD $21) at Dazzling Cafe MInt

Fans of Dazzling Cafe Mint at Capitol Piazza in Singapore will be thrilled to know that the quaint Taiwanese inspired café has recently revamped its menu, and has stepped up the standards of its entrees and appetizers to appeal to a wider audience, while maintaining the face and brand of Dazzling Cafe.

Spicing things up with an Asian fusion menu, Dazzling Cafe Mint has created new savouries that will tickle and delight the palates of the most discerning customers.


Dazzling Cafe Mint’s Shrimp Paste Winglets (SGD $11.50)

We started off with the Shrimp Paste Winglets (also known locally as, Har Cheong Gai). Prepared with a glaze of the sweet and sour glaze sauce, the moist tender chicken is coated with a crunchy, flavourful batter made of shrimp paste that might seem salty at first, but is soon balanced out by the tangy sweet and sour sauce.

Vegetarian Option

The vegetarian Fregola Sarde Grande Pasta (SGD $18.50) at Dazzling Cafe Mint is highly recommended

A dish that comes highly recommended at Dazzling Cafe Mint is the Fregola Sarde Grande Pasta; a round roasted pasta tossed with sautéed mushrooms, peas, white wine, cream, Parmesan and basil oil. Not only is this dish a healthier option, it is extremely easy to eat and does not compromise on flavour. Reminiscent of that of a mushroom risotto, the fregola has a slightly more bite than the normal risotto rice, and the flavours of the cream and vegetables integrate nicely while allowing the diner to experience multiple textures in every mouthful.

Main Course

The Potato Doughnut with Bratwurst Filling (SGD $21) at Dazzling Cafe Mint

For diners who aren’t watching their waistlines and might want something a little richer in taste, they might want to try Dazzling Cafe Mint’s Potato Doughnut with Bratwurst Filling. The crisp handmade potato doughnut is filled with pork bratwurst and shallot confit, and is topped a soft boiled egg and apple caramel sauce. This dish brings out multiple sensations to the diner, with the crisp doughnut as the base, soaking up the flavours of the savoury bratwust. The pork bratwurst is juicy with a nice bite-feel to it. The sharp savoury flavours are then cut by the delicate creamy taste of the egg and the sweet apple caramel sauce.

With this dynamic new menu, Dazzling Cafe Mint now not only boasts amazing desserts, but restaurant quality entrees and appetizers as well.

Dazzling Cafe Mint @ Capitol Piazza
Address: 15 Stamford Road, #01-85, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Tel: +65 6384 3310
Website: Dazzlingcafe.sg
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 12 – 9.30pm, Friday & Saturday 12 – 10pm

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