MANHUNT 2016 – Finalist Round-Up (Part 5)

Counting down to the MANHUNT Singapore 2016 Grand Finals

The Grand Finals of MANHUNT Singapore 2016 will take place at 7:30pm on the 27th of August 2016 at the One Farrer Hotel. Tickets to the Grand Finals are available for sale at .

Readers can follow the finalists on social media and get the latest profiles, news and videos on MANHUNT Singapore’s official Facebook Page here.

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Winners will be contacted via email by 26th August 2016. And now, …here is Part 5 of your Top 30 Finalists…

MANHUNT 2016 Contestants – Finalist Round-Up (Part 5)

#S5 – Benjamin Gay

Benjamin Gay
Benjamin Gay, 42

 Who isBenjamin Gay?

The 42 year old Monash University graduate spends his free time on an array of sports which include swimming, golf, cycling and fishing. He also loves to travel to exotic locations to enjoy the beaches and resorts.  Currently self-employed, his company provides Info Communications Solutions to SMEs.

What he’s most thankful for?

ben gay 2
Ben Gay is an entrepreneur, and has an infocom solutions company

Being a man who believes strongly in staying positive, having enough rest and staying strong to keep up with the challenges in life, Benjamin decided to join MANHUNT Singapore to meet like-minded individuals seeking a breakthrough in life. He hopes his sheer determination will bring out the best in him and see him through this event of a lifetime.

#S6 – Samuel Wong

Samuel Wong
Samuel Wong, 31

 Who isSamuel Wong?

The goal-driven 31 year old was taught at a very young age to earn his keep instead of relying on others. This took him far in life when he took on the role of sole bread winner when he signed on to the military and supported his parents while they rested in their golden years.

What he’s most thankful for?

sam wong 2
Sam Wong aspires to one day be a successful restaurateur

Having set his on goal of owning a cafe, restaurant, bar, club and hotel, Sam feels that this goal is hard to reach but however, his passion keeps him going.

Since an early age till now, he still has self-esteem issues about his image but he always finds time to work out and feel better. He is a firm believer in the “look good, feel good” saying.

His motto at work is“If I can help, I will do my best to help within my means.”

#S7 – Zacky

Zacky, 39

Who isZacky?

A self-declared foodie, Zacky often travels to remote areas to find good food. A lover of desserts, he says his favourite thing to do is sit in front of the television with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

Having had that love of food since young, he admits he was the chubby kid who got picked on a lot. But that took a turn for the better when he picked up heavy lifting and body building later on in his teens.

What he’s most thankful for?

zacky 2
Zacky is a huge foodie at heart

As he got older, he felt that he was getting complacent as when he was out shopping one day, he could not fit into a particular pair of skinny jeans which he really liked. This struck a chord in him to find a balance of eating and working out. He works towards to feel good on the inside as well as look good outside.

#S8 – Kevin Teo

Kevin Teo
Kevin Teo, 39

Who isKevin Teo?

The multi-lingual 39 year old is a well-traveled and well educated man. Having finished his doctoral degree in English Literature and Performance studies from a University in Canada, he went on to work abroad till the academic job market abroad changed and he once again found himself back in Singapore. However, that did not stop him. Now an officially certified personal trainer, he wants to further advance his career opportunities in the fitness industry by taking on training in the areas of nutrition and professional sports coaching.

What he’s most thankful for?

Kevin Teo 2
Kevin is a Polyglot; writes and speaks fluently in multiple languages.

Having lived abroad for many years, opportunities came by quite frequently for Kevin. He competed in bodybuilding and fitness modelling in Canada, and learnt languages such as French, Korean and a bit of Japanese. He still engages in his introverted, artistic pursuits loves writing and graphic illustration.

#S9 – Stanley Nam

Stankey Nam
Stanley Nam, 36

Who isStanley Nam?

From an early age Stanley grew up with his single mother. Through his childhood, he learnt about hardships and how life was full of challenges which sometimes makes his future look bleak.

Graduating with a double major with Honours in Business Studies and Human Resource Management from the University of Portsmouth, Stanley is currently an Associate Director, Marketing and Communications in a global market research company.

What he’s most thankful for?

Stanley Nam
Stanley Nam is a Associate Director at a global market research company

His mother instilled him with the need to have integrity, ethics and values and also inspired young Stanley to be what he is today; the compassionate activist who resiliently go through all of life’s challenges and offers a helping hand to others.

Stanley regularly donates and volunteers at numerous charities in Singapore. He is also an advocate for animal rights and carious causes to benefit children, the elderly and women in need. He also helps to raise awareness about living well with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases on social media.

#S10 – Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar, 31

Who is Deepak Kumar?

At a young age, Deepak realised that his life is in his hands and that he has to build his own future. Being an above average student, he made good of his academic career and is currently a Business Analyst for an Insurance firm.

Being a big fan of WWE (World Wresting Entertainment), Deepak admires the athletes for their muscles and strength and that drew him to body building. Working out during his school days, he made most of the gym equipment himself out of tied bricks, iron bars and concrete. Having no personal training, he taught himself by reading about human anatomy and any fitness article he comes across.

What he’s most thankful for?

Deepak is a self-learned fitness enthusiast

When he first competed in Hometeam NS and Singapore Fitness Model Search in 2014, he placed 2nd and 1st respectively. He then decided to challenge himself further and competed on an international level in Australia the following year and got 2nd placing in both the physique and fitness model categories.

Deepak wishes to continue and challenge himself with bigger and better platforms. To him fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

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