MANHUNT 2016 – Finalist Round-Up (Part 4)

Counting down to the MANHUNT Singapore 2016 Grand Finals

The Grand Finals of MANHUNT Singapore 2016 will take place at 7:30pm on the 27th of August 2016 at the One Farrer Hotel. Tickets to the Grand Finals are available for sale at .

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Winners will be contacted via email by 24th August 2016. And now, …here is Part 4 of your Top 30 Finalists…

MANHUNT 2016 Contestants – Finalist Round-Up (Part 4)

#16 – Hiezam Luthfi

Hiezam Luthfi
Hiezam Luthfi, 22

Who is Hiezam Luthfi?

Hiezam spent his early years growing up in Australia and New Zealand, during which he took up an interest in sport and exercise. Currently working in the fitness line, he dreams of spreading positivity across the world, starting with supporting his family in health and wealth.

What he’s most thankful for?

Hiezam Luthfi, is a health and fitness entrepreneur
Hiezam Luthfi is a health and fitness entrepreneur

During his national service, Hiezam picked up an interest in Callisthenic and CrossFit training. Shortly after finishing, he joined a fitness company but unfortunately, he soon found himself unemployed. After spending a few months living with his friends, Hiezam took action and control of his life. He currently runs a business that focuses on health and fitness and has a stable job in the fitness industry.

“For things to change, we have to change. For things to get better, we have to get better.” – is Hiezam’s favourite quote by Jim Rohn.

#17 – Terence Quay

Terance Quay, 25
Terance Quay, 25

Who is Terance Quay?

The 25 year old NUS student enjoys doing real estate sales as he sees it as an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. He feels that handling and managing his client’s requests and expectations boosts his personal and communication skills.

Terance Quay dreams of becoming a part of the entertainment industry one day.
Terance Quay dreams of becoming a part of the entertainment industry one day

What he’s most thankful for?

In his youth, he did not excel in sports or studies which contributed to his low self-confidence. Once he started polytechnic, it was a whole different ballgame for Terance. It took him a while to settle in but once he settled down with his new friends, he gained his confidence.

After serving his national service in the Naval Diving Unit, Terance started work in the real estate industry where he now uses the people and communication skills he had built up over the past few years. He hopes to one day pursue his interests in working within the entertainment industry.

#18 –Andrew Lau

Andrew Lau
Andrew Lau, 28

Who is Andrew Lau?

Currently setting up his own apparel business, Andrew started his journey of self-improvement since the age of 16. In his adolescent years on polytechnic, he found that his job as a salesman contributed to his love of communicating with people.

Andrew Lau
When he is not working on his new apparel business, Andrew Lau spends most of his free time in the gym, and on the basketball courts.

What he’s most thankful for?

Having started lifting in his teens, Andrew found himself getting injured quite a lot because he was not built very well for the sport. But after every failure, he came back stronger. Using his experience as examples, he encouraged his clients who he trains to overcome their doubts and better themselves. During his time in national service, he served as a policeman and it helped pick up skills on on-scene situation management which translated to him becoming more spontaneous as he faces more challenges.

#19 –Glenn Sim

Glenn Sim, 25
Glenn Sim, 25

Who is Glenn Sim?

The 25 year old Oxford graduate has big plans for his future. Currently working as an Urban Planner for the Singapore government, Glenn plans to change the world once he finishes serving his bond. An advocate for climate change and the war on poverty, Glenn wishes to be given the opportunity to join the WTO and UN so he can better himself as much as he wants to do so for the whole world.

Glenn Sim is an Oxford Graduate, and is passionate about stopping climate change.
Glenn Sim is an Oxford Graduate, and is passionate about stopping climate change.

What he’s most thankful for?

Having spent his time overseas, it allowed him to open his eyes to the problems that happen not just in Singapore. While seeing that climate change is a real problem that is currently affecting the globe, he worries that the human race lacks the technology or financial security to kerb its affects. He wishes to do as much as he can once he is in a position to.

#20 –Joshua Cho

Joshua Cho, 26
Joshua Cho, 26

Who is Joshua Cho?

Having been tormented by bullies in his childhood, Joshua decided one day that enough was enough. Hitting the gyms and pushing himself a little more each time, Joshua also added direction and focus to his character traits when he signed on with the Singapore Army.

A former full-time NS service man, Joshua Cho is presently a Personal Trainer with True Fitneess
A former full-time NS service man, Joshua Cho is presently a Personal Trainer with True Fitness

What he’s most thankful for?

While serving in the Army, Joshua had the chance to be taken to faraway lands for bilateral exercises. He joined a private company after his term in the army and was providing services for merchant ships crossing the Indian Ocean to destinations in the Middle East. From his experiences, he realized that slogging his life away to make a better living to afford luxuries was not something he wants to do and came back to Singapore to make a living which makes a differences to others.

Currently a personal trainer with True Fitness, he feels satisfied when he helps his clients reach their goals and adds on to his determination to motivate more people to make positive changes in their lives.

#S4 –Caleb Wong

#S4 - Caleb Wong
Who is
 Caleb Wong?

Having picked up music very early in life, Caleb was lucky to find his true calling in life. Having gained experience doing vocal coaching, singing in solo and band acts, arranging and producing music, composing, playing the piano and sound engineering, he is one of the most gifted people in the music industry in Singapore.

Caleb Wong, 35
Caleb Wong, is a certified vocal coach, singer, music producer, composer, sound engineer and pianist.

What he’s most thankful for?

This 35 year old musically gifted individual has had so many opportunities to meet locally and internationally loved artistes. His proudest moment which he recalls was playing keyboards for Singapore veteran singer Pan Xiu Qiong’s solo concert at the official opening of the Esplanade.

Caleb finds absolute joy in being a vocal coach. The art of singing is something he feels everyone should experience. Caleb even set aside a lucrative opportunity as a property agent to pursue what he feels is his true purpose in life.

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